19 English Learners celebrate AP success

Soraya Bilbao, an EL teacher, celebrates success with two of 19 ELs who attended her AP class and sat for the exam.

Staff Report

A recognition ceremony for students who successfully completed the 2018-2019 AP Spanish Independent Study Program for English Learners (ELs) was recently held at the black box theater.

Students met after school for a total of 33 hours of direct instruction from teacher Soraya Bilbao, who began the program several years ago. Attendance at each of these study sessions was nearly 100 percent. All 19 students took the AP Spanish exam.

Since the launch of the program in 2015, 39 English Learners have taken the AP Spanish exam as an independent study and have met benchmark (attained a score of 3 or higher). This total does not include the 2018-2019 cohort as scores won’t be ready for release until summer).

With principal Dan Donovan on hand, the following students were recognized:

1. Aquino, Yaritza
2. Arias, Jasson
3. Beltran, Ronny
4. Campos Contreras, Grecia Maria
5. Coronel, Josseline
6. Duran Maldonado, Evelyn Steffanie
7. Falcon, Jacklyn
8. Galarza, Elizabet
9. Lopez, Edwin
10. Lopez, Katy
11. Moreno Bachon, Andrea Nicole
12. Ortiz Navarrete, Mia
13. Pena, Roberto
14. Penaranda, Elisa
15. Penaranda, Marlie
16. Penaranda, Mayra
17. Salinas, Juan Pablo
18. Sanango, Carolina (AP Class)
19. Yepez, Emily