Andrew Lambo takes over for Dom Pereira as Level 3 Interim Principal


Mr. Lambo in his new office.

Nicolly Cavalli, Photography Editor

Originally from New Jersey, Andrew Lambo  studied at WestConn (for a degree in Elementary Education), then to University of St. Joseph (for a masters degree in Special Education), and  then went to Southern Connecticut State University (for a sixth year in Educational Leadership)

Lambo started his career nine years ago in the district as a third grade teacher, then moved to Pembroke as a first grade teacher for four years. Lambo transitioned to Danbury High for the ‘18-’19 school year, where he was initially hired as a special education teacher for three years in the freshmen academy, before becoming the 9R dean of student support this year.

 Now after four years of being a part of the special education team and being the 9R Dean, Mr. Lambo has made his way into being what he always wanted to be. 

“I knew I wanted to pursue a career in administration, so that’s when a little birdie got in my ear and said you may want to move up to secondary-middle school, high school” Lambo said. 

The 9R Dean group is made up of an English teacher, World Studies teacher, Biology teacher, Algebra I and Special Education teacher. The six of them worked together with 55 students who didn’t have a lot of academic success during  COVID. 

“We worked with them to get their credits back on track and then work towards graduation” Lambo said.

When asked how his new responsibilities differed from his past responsibilities as 9R Dean he said it was like a “dean on steroids.” 

“A lot of moving parts, I work with many more teachers, many more students, I have the wonderful office staff in the Level 3 office, so it’s just in a whole different- whole new capacity” Lambo said. “(but) I’m loving it, it’s- I knew I wanted to get into this a couple years ago, it’s everything I hoped for and more. Some days it’s absolutely insane but you know what I like working with the kids, the staff, the families of Danbury, so it’s a challenge but it’s rewarding” Lambo said.

Lambo is continuing his transition as interim principal for the rest of this year. It is unclear whether or not he will continue this position next year.