How To with Zoë and Sophia: Hallway Edition


Zoë Newbold and Sophia Tharas , Journalist

Have you ever found yourself lost in DHS? We can help with that! We have been at this school for 4 years now and we know some helpful tips to get around. The hallways can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. We remember as freshmen at DHS we’d constantly worry about getting to class on time due to the overwhelming amount of people in the hallways, plus the overwhelming size of the school. But over the years we’ve figured out the school and some shortcuts to avoid the crowd. Once again we all know that DHS gets incredibly crowded during passing times, specifically D3. It seems as though everyone and anyone is standing in the hallways or pushing and shoving trying to get to the overcrowded stairways. This new school year is especially stressful due to the 3 tardies rule, where if you are late to one class 3 times in a row you receive an immediate detention, no excuses. This makes getting to class on time so much more stressful, especially for the new freshman class. So…if you are trying to get to D2 from D3, we would recommend taking the side stairway down in the A building, and crossing over into D2 from outside. It’s easier and  much less crowded. 

Now sometimes the traffic is unavoidable, which sometimes means being pushed around or shoved in the hallway. Which is unfortunately a reality of our school. What we suggest is sticking to one side of the hallway, and try to avoid stopping with your friends to keep the traffic flowing. If you do need to stop in the halls try to move to an area that is away from the walking path of other students. 

When we were freshman coming into DHS for the first time the side stairwells in the D building seemed like they were not available for student use. But we’ve found that using those side stairwells to get to different levels in the D building have become a huge time saver. If you have gym during the day you can get there by going to D1 or even D2 using the side stairwells. Especially because the normal D stairwells are always overcrowded. 

In the front of the building, specifically C building, has a stairway at the end of the hallway that can take you all the way up to C4. If you walk to the end of the C3 hallway, you can be led to a connecting hallway that will lead you to the stairway. Use this if it’s too crowded with the students coming from lunch. 

We hope that this article will help you in your future travels in DHS!