The Hatters' Herald

2018-2019 Staff

Michael Ranere

Staff Writer

  I personally attended journalism because I have a interest in writing specifically sports writing. I would like to write for the newspaper because I like to interview people and writing about what t...

Angelea Fingado

Staff Writer

My name is Angelea Fingado. I am a junior at Danbury High School. This is my first year working with the Hatters Herald. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed writing, keeping up with the news on a g...

Amish Soni

Staff Writer

Roots of reporting create a base for who I am and what I represent to the reporting world. My name is Amish Soni and journalism takes shape within my ancestors, a taste and passion made them involved ...

Jenna Coladarci

Staff Writer

This is my fourth year writing for The Hatters’ Herald. I joined the Hatters’ Herald because I love writing and I am always looking for places where I can share my writing with others. My favorite part a...

Jake Goodwin

Staff Writer

I think journalism is just so interesting; I’m fascinated by the influence it has over society and people. I also find intriguing how journalism has the power to unearth the truth, no matter what it is...

Kazi Begum

Staff Writer

Ever since I was little, writing has been my greatest passion and love. I’ve won several awards for my creative and essay writing in the past; however, I have chosen to take journalism and join the Ha...

Kiara Kaltschnee

Staff Writer

Ever since I was little, I couldn’t put a book down. My passion for reading has grown heavily over the years, while my interest in writing has paralleled this growth. There’s just something in tel...

Erik Wallin

Staff Writer

Currently, I am involved in the Danbury High School Theater program. I am always up for a conversation so journalism was the perfect opportunity for me. Ninety percent of the time I am awake I am talkin...

Abigail Craig

Staff Writer

My family has always had a background in writing. My grandma enjoyed writing and wrote mainly as a hobby. My aunt also is a talented author who has been published in several literary magazines. Therefore, ...

Joelene Hefferon

Staff Writer

This is my first year being a part of the Hatters’ Herald. I decided to take journalism this school year to expand different forms of writing. Growing up I have loved the exciting and intriguing sty...

Dean Waterbury

Staff Writer

I originally had AP computer science in place of journalism. Due to my lack of interest in computers, as well as not owning one, I decided to drop the class. My guidance counselor, Mr. Boucher, wanted ...

Erika Krohomer

Staff writer

English has always been a favorite of mine throughout my years at school. Endless writing in class just seemed to come so simple to me. Not only do the words easily flow on the page, but I enjoy doing ...

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