The Hatters' Herald

2017-2018 Staff

Katie Walsh

Editor in Chief

This is my second year apart of Hatters’ Herald as a senior. I decided to be a journalist for the Hatters’ Herald because I want to pursue a career in communications. I’m thrilled to be able to write and contribute stories...

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Meghan Edwards

News Editor

My name is Meghan Edwards and I am the News Editor for the Hatters’ Herald year of 2017-2018. Last year, as a junior, I decided to take journalism to broaden my writing ability by learning about this complex style of writing. ...

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Taylor Hay

Staff Writer

My name is Taylor Hay, and I am an aspiring novelist/avid book enthusiast. I am a recipient of over six poetry, short story, and flash fiction awards and am a contestant in the 2017-2018 Scholastic national writing competition. I...

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Hisham Rushaidat

Sports Editor

My name is Hisham Rushaidat, but I’m also known as Jordan. I am a senior and this is my second year at Danbury High School. I’m passionate about communications, while also been interested in journalism for quite some time....

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Naomi Thomas

Arts & Clubs Editor

Ever since my first year attending Danbury High School, I eagerly awaited my junior year so that I could take this class and join the Hatters' Herald. Now beginning my second year in this club as a senior, I am the Arts/Clubs a...

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Shannon Ahearn

Photo Editor/ Staff Writer

This is my third year working with the Hatters’ Herald. Beginning my freshman year, I was very interested in journalism and was able to pursue my passion for writing as well as photography through the paper. I’ve loved working...

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Jenna Coladarci


I am a junior, and this is my third year writing for the Hatters' Herald. I started writing for The Hatters' Herald because I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and learn a new style of writing. In the past, I have written many...

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Sabine Dempster

Staff Writer

As a senior, this is my first year working at the Hatters Herald. I look forward to working at the school paper and having another great high school experience under my belt. In past years I have been a part of the school music...

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Joao de Sa

Staff Writer

Journalism has always appealed to me. In my perspective, news reporting is an art worth mastering, and being informed is a huge part of it, which is exactly why I joined the Hatters’ Herald this year. I regret not having done ...

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Gillian Brown

Staff Writer

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love for writing. Whether it be creative writing, poetry, or nonfiction, it’s always been an outlet for me. I’ve had experience with broadcast journalism and I loved how it f...

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Jerick Gonzalez

Staff Writer

As the world becomes increasingly interesting, my interest in journalism had also increased. I realized that history was being made everyday. I wanted to be a part of that history and document it. I chose to take journalism to m...

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Mikayla Hill

Staff Writer

I’m a senior and I signed up for Journalism because I wanted to learn about this style of writing and improve my writing skills. I love writing and I wanted to take this opportunity to see what techniques I can learn from my ...

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Camiele Debonis

Staff Writer

I’m here because I've always had a passion for writing creatively. I also enjoy taking pictures whenever there's an opportunity. I’m taking journalism this year, my junior year, because I want to expose myself to a new world...

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Justin Tarsi

Staff Writer

I want to be in journalism and work for the newspaper because it will make me an overall better writer. In this class, you learn ways to write paragraphs and various sentence structuring techniques that they don't teach you in co...

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Ava Olivera

Staff Writer

This year I am a senior and I am currently on the school’s varsity field hockey team, a part of the yearbook committee, and a member of the Key Club. It is my first time participating in the creation of the Hatter’s Herald and it...

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Matthew DeLima

Staff Writer

I consider myself a sports fanatic. I live, breathe, and sleep thinking about working for ESPN and talking about my passion on live TV.  Journalism has interested me greatly as I know that if I am to make it on TV, I have to ...

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