Barnes and Noble Moving?


Zoë Newbold, Journalist

Barnes and Noble is a welcoming home for book and record enthusiasts alike. With a wide selection, there is something for everyone. However, some were disheartened by the move to the former Arhaus location in the Danbury Fair Mall, as it might put the peace that the old Backus Ave location had on the chopping block. The previous location was secluded from the busy mall, despite being across the street, and always had a quiet and calming atmosphere with new information waiting to be learned.

I asked a few people how they felt about the change and this is what they said. Beck Tate stated, “I understand the idea, and they said they were going to make it soundproof to keep the peace inside, but I liked the separate store. To get to the books, you still have to go through the hustle and bustle, and it’ll just ruin the vibe.” It’s challenging to decide if the change will disturb the peace until we experience it ourselves. However, we won’t be able to do that until the end of spring 2023. I also asked Giulia Rodrigues about her thoughts on the move, and she commented, “I kind of liked it being secluded. I like it being kind of gate-kept.”

Although some wish the bookstore had remained private and secluded, the change should be a positive one. A café will be added, and the store will be expanded to multiple floors, providing more options for books and perhaps making it an even more positive experience.

It is important to note that the move is not the only change for Barnes and Noble. The company has also shifted its focus to online sales, which has led to the closure of some physical locations. However, the move to the Danbury Fair Mall could be seen as a positive step towards adapting to the changing retail landscape. It remains to be seen how the move will impact the store, but we can be hopeful that it will continue to be a beloved destination for book and record enthusiasts.

Overall, the move to the Danbury Fair Mall will likely bring more traffic and attention to the Barnes and Noble location, which could ultimately be a good thing for the store’s business. The addition of a café and more space for books could also create a more enjoyable experience for customers. Only time will tell how the move will affect the atmosphere of the store, but it’s worth keeping an open mind and giving the new location a chance.