Connecticut’s Food Tour


Zoë Newbold, Journalist

When I am on the lookout for the perfect restaurant to dine at in Connecticut, there are a few factors that guide my decision. Firstly, I consider the ambiance of the restaurant – is it cozy or formal? Is it well-lit or dimly lit? And overall, I like to look for restaurants that have a unique character to them – perhaps they have an interesting history or decor that sets them apart from other dining establishments. These are the places that I find myself gravitating towards, as I know that they will never disappoint me.

For a more casual setting and the best salad and Mediterranean food you’ll ever have, I’d take a trip over to Sesame Seed restaurant on 68 West Wooster St, Danbury CT. Although their indoor seating is currently unavailable, ordering out is just as good as dining in. They provide ambient seating outside for you to be able to enjoy your salad, or whatever you end up indulging in. When I go there, I usually opt for the sesame salad with grilled chicken on top. The grilled chicken compliments the crisp romaine lettuce and fresh feta perfectly, and I will never stop going back to it. They also make in-house baba ghanoush and hummus with fresh pita. It isn’t too expensive if you’re buying for just yourself. I’ll never stop recommending this place.

When you’re looking for an easy place to grab great coffee and tea, I’d head over to Molten Java in Dolan Plaza in Bethel, CT. They serve up a great everything bagel if you’re ever looking for somewhere other than Bagelman. Their ambiance refuses to chill, and I’ve never loved anything more. They still have their in-person dining option open, with the most comfortable tables and chairs you’ll find in a café. Their prices are well thought out and are very affordable. Whenever I go there, I’m greeted with the kindest smiles and warm attitude, and that’s what is going to keep my business.

On special occasions, I would consider Terra at the new Danbury hotel, Hotel Zero Degrees. Sure, their prices are more expensive than the other recommendations, but in my personal experience, it is well worth it. It has a very classy atmosphere that warrants classy dress. They continue to serve up some of the best modern and traditional Italian cuisine in CT. When I attended with my family, I opted for the lioniburrata and the house chopped salad. The burrata was creamy and perfect on the bed of tomatoes, and the house salad was a perfect follow-up. It’s a strong place to consider when looking for a place to celebrate.

The last of our Connecticut food tour is a little farther out, but continues to be a strong contender for the best tavern-style restaurant in our area. J’ Timothy’s Tavern is the best place for your wing obsession. They have been serving their signature dirty-style wings for as long as I can remember, and they never seem to disappoint. When looking at the overall design of the restaurant, it is obvious that they spared no time on the circa 1789 tavern. Their eclectic menu is one of the best I’ve seen and it has been drawing customers from the area of Plainville, CT for years, and obviously customers from Danbury.