What to expect at senior prom this year


Designed by Kayla Tolliver-Van Wright

Kayla Tolliver-Van Wright’s design was selected as this year’s prom logo. Her design will appear on the T-shirt’s given to seniors who are attending prom this year.

Jenna Coladarci, Staff Writer

For many, senior prom is an unforgettable event in a student’s high school years. It’s the last time all the seniors will gather together for an event before graduation.

This year, senior prom will be at 7 p.m. May 24 at The Amber Room Colonnade. Tickets will be on sale May 14-17 in the cafeteria.

Because senior prom is such an important event, members of the prom committee have been busy working to ensure that their classmates will have a memorable time come May.

During its meetings, the senior prom committee discussed and debated numerous themes. Members created Google slideshows to pitch their favorite theme to the rest of the committee. After a group vote, it was decided that the theme would be “crystal ball.”

“Students will enter a room that looks like a magical crystal paradise,” said English teacher Elise Tobin, one of the Class of 2019’s advisors.

To make sure that the room resembles the crystal ball theme, the prom committee will decorate with club lighting, lounge furniture, and have stars projected on the ceiling. All the students will see silver tree manzanita centerpieces on every table.

In addition, the prom committee hosted a contest for students to decorate the shirt that is given to everyone who attends prom. This year’s winner was Kayla Tolliver-Van Wright.

As for food, the hors d’oeuvres range from the mac and cheese bites shrimp cocktails. Students will be able to select from flank steak, pasta, and chicken francaise for their entree. The food doesn’t stop there though.

“We are very proud to announce that there will be an ice cream bar throughout the whole night serving ice cream and mocktails. There will also be a French fry bar opening up sometime before the end of the night,” Tobin said.

In terms of music, Chase Caldwell will be the DJ this year. He was the DJ last year at junior prom, too. He is a DHS graduate himself.

“We picked DJ Chase Caldwell because the seniors really enjoyed his music last year. He was able to keep the energy up and hype the crowd,” Tobin said.

Several seniors have already begun making preparations for prom, as it is such an important part of the high school experience.

Alyssa Perez, senior, said, “I’m very excited for prom. My friends and I are getting a hotel room for the night and I’m making preparations for my hair and makeup.”

The prom committee has been working hard to make sure the night is perfect.

“Seniors should attend because it’s going to be a fantastic night. We have a great team, wonderful advisors, and we have been all working very hard to make this night a success,” said Lucio Bellantoni, class president.