FLEX Extensions 2019-20


Alicia Jacobs

Students playing basketball during open gym FLEX extension.

Alicia Jacobs, Staff Writer

FLEX extensions have begun and are available for students to schedule. There are many extensions that are beneficial, educational, and entertaining. The FLEX extensions are updated every Thursday and posted in a drive on the Danbury High School page. Some FLEX extensions that run weekly are:

  • Yoga with Ms. Lewis (Fridays G Gym)
  • Focus Friday with Mr. Burnett (Fridays A304)
  • National Art Honor Society with Mrs. Noone ( Thursday A310)
  • History Day preparations with Dr. Tucci ( Tuesdays LLC) 

Other extensions run monthly, including:

Executive Councils for each graduating class 

Be apart of your class and help plan fun events.  

Medical Careers with Ms. Gurney

Learn and help spread awareness of health issues within the community. 

Teen Leadership Health Council with Ms. Lewis  

Join to help spread and prevent substance abuse throughout the Danbury community. 

Jewelry Making with Ms. Fitzsimmons

Learn how to make your own jewelry and meet new friends.  

Movie Club with Mr. Samaha

 Learn about interesting and significant films and productions. 

New extensions can be added per a teacher’s request. If you are interested in creating a FLEX extension, please go see Principal Dan Donovan or Level 1 Administrator John LaRosa.

For the week of 9/23-9/27, the extensions are: 

History Day preparations with Dr. Tucci, Tuesday in the LLC 

“National History Day is an annual competition. The NSSHS will be coaching students wishing to participate and compete this year! Winners at DHS will be invited to compete at the Regional Competition in March.”

Medical Careers with Ms. Gurney, Wednesday in C537 

“We will focus on events in our community that we can support.  We want to help raise awareness about different health issues in our community.”

National Art Honor Society with Mrs. Noone, Thursday in A310 

“Students who are in the National Art Honor Society OR who are interested in art related community service may join us in A310 to work on art-based community service projects.”

Knitting Club with Ms. Turek, Thursday in B214

“Come help us create knit square to make comfort blankets for those in need. Beginners welcome. Supplies are provided or you can bring your own.”

Focus Friday with Mr. Burnett, Friday in A304 

The course will provide and relaxation techniques for performers. This process will allow students to become more mindful and conscious of the ability they have to manage stress, stage fright and anxiety associated with performance, public speaking and daily living.”

All Levels Yoga with Ms. Lewis, Friday in G Gym 

“Come to yoga and work on relaxation, flexibility, balance and strength. Wear comfortable clothing, mats are provided!”

Open Gym, daily in all gyms 

“Are you passing all of your classes, would you like to go to open gym to play various games? Sign up for open gym with any available Physical Education Teacher.”