DHS deals with unpredictable climate


Students bundle up in Kerri Swenson’s art room.

Michelle Siancas, Staff Writer

As the winter season approaches, many classrooms are becoming a bit more chilly than others. Due to the  decreasing temperatures, teachers have claimed that it has grown immensely cold in their classrooms and not only staff, but students as well are wondering what the issue may be.

DHS Principal Dan Donovan stated “A-building is not getting any heat due to not being close to the boiler.” In some rooms the “thermostats don’t even work” he added. 

The heating valves originally manufactured in 1962 have also become a main concern in regards to heating issues within classes.

Although “it has been happening forever,” it seems as though the issue will not be resolved anytime soon due to the fact that “the city is in control of it,” Donovan stated.

Many students have claimed that it is colder within the C-building and warmer in the D-building. For example, senior Jah Joyner has had personal experience with these heating difficulties within the buildings. “I feel like it is a lot colder in the C-building” while the “warmest would be the D-building,” Joyner expressed. 

Although it is a city problem, many teachers tend to have their own heaters in their classrooms in attempts to maintain their own class climates.

However, this struggle with maintaining climate does not seem to be a problem within the G- building due to the newly installed heating system. Similarly, certain teachers are okay with the changes in heat and do not seem to notice any problems.

Located in the D-building on level one, Todd Harris, math teacher, stated “ It is not too hot, nor too cold.” Although, sometimes his classroom does get hot and “tend[s] to open the window to get some cool air in” Harris added. 

Despite a few comments from those not experiencing difficulty with the building’s climate changes, a significant amount of both students and staff have strong feelings about the issue and how it should be resolved.

While certain parts of the school are cold and others are warm, students and staff should be prepared to bundle up for class as the winter season comes our way!