A Review of Netflix’s “You” (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Michelle Siancas, Staff Writer

Nothing is ever calm in the Netflix Show You.

The thriller has always left us on the edge of our seats. From episode to episode, there’s always a new obstacle.

The main characters of the show are:

Season 1

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck

Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger

Season 2

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone

Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn

James Scully as Forty Quinn

Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves

Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves

In season 1, the show’s main character, Joe Goldberg, started working at a bookstore in New York. He later meets Guinevere Beck, a writer, who he then becomes obsessed with. His obsession led to tracking her and making sure nothing was in his way between him and her. Although things took quite a turn…

He tried to keep everything quiet but it didn’t last for long. Yes, he did what he had to do. His secret was out, and she knew everything. Things led to one another and Beck was dead. Season 1 ended with his ex-girlfriend Candace coming back into the picture.

Season 1 was honestly very confusing. And once you knew about Joe, you realized how obsessive he is. What I found creepy, was that he would do anything for Guinevere and nothing would get in between them. He would kill anyone who got in the way.

The ending left me on the edge of my seat wanting to watch more. The end clip ended making me surprised because Candace, his ex-girlfriend, came back and started more problems.

Senior Krupa Soni states “I thought the show was very interesting and unique because you get to see it from the point of view of the bad guy.”

Season 2 starts off with Joe moving to Los Angeles and starting a brand new life. But he already had a new target. Introducing Love Quinn, a passionate chef, whom Joe starts to fall in love with. Although Joe was not trying to restart his obsessions again, he ended up failing.

Although this time, it was different. Joe was trying to make his relationship with Love work. His secret came out again, but Love was okay with it. Turns out, she’s had blood on her hands too. Joe figures it out, the girl of his dreams was not a dream anymore, it was a nightmare.

He planned on killing Love as well, but the tables turned, and she was pregnant with his baby. At that moment, he couldn’t do anything, except love her. The last scene was shown with both Joe and Love moving into a new house together to raise their child. But Joe has other things on his mind… his eyes on his next target… his neighbor.

Once the last clip was shown, I realized how crazy he was. I thought he actually loved Love, turns out she was another part of the story, she wasn’t what he wanted. What he really wanted was to spy on his neighbor. I feel like the next season of You won’t be good for Joe because he’s gotten away with everything. The tables will turn for Joe.

Senior Lauren Curry states “I really like the show because there are always plot twists and what I enjoy most is that you find yourself rooting for the main character despite how bad he is.”

Senior Nya Blackwood stated “The Netflix show You was very interesting, but at times it was a little boring but there were a lot of plot twists, especially the ending.”

This show has kept us in suspense, from one episode to another. There isn’t a happy ending… ever.


You season 3 is in the works and is set to return in 2021.


Who knows what to expect? Will the tables turn on Joe?