DHS will continue Distance Learning until mid-January

Ashley Sauls, Staff Writer

On Oct 26. the students of Danbury were supposed to transition into the new Hybrid Model of Learning. With all the preparations in place, both students and teachers were eager to start this new model in hopes to return to some sense of normalcy. However, on Oct 23, Dr. Sal announced that the district will not pursue the Hybrid Model until further notice. 

Although it may not seem like many changes are being made to student’s current way of learning since the Full Distance Model is still in effect, minor changes are still being implemented, such as a change to the class schedule

Under the original plan for the Hybrid Model, classes were set to start at 7:20 both in-school and online. Although students are not physically in the building, this new start time will still be in effect. Instruction time will also be altered, now lasting for an hour and 15 minutes.

As one could imagine, many students are not thrilled about the extended class time. 

“I already found it difficult to focus during the one hour periods,” said Senior Claire Souza. “Extending the time even more is not going to benefit anyone.”

There are now four daily FLEX blocks that last for 20 minutes, with each class of the day having its own set time. As of right now, FLEX is not mandatory to attend and is only at the discretion of the student or teacher. The only exception is the FLEX Mentor Meetings taking place every Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. 

In regards to the SAT, which was supposed to take place on Oct 27, students who were scheduled to take the test have been given a voucher that they may use for another testing date. 

After close evaluation over the past few weeks, Dr. Sal Pascarella has declared that the Hybrid Learning Model will not be put into effect until mid-January.