Michael Morrell’s favorite Halloween Candy

Michael Morrell, Photography Editor

Following Halloween, here’s how I think popular candy stacks up:

10:M&M’s: These small chocolate candies are a timeless classic coming in multiple different styles from peanut, fudge brownie, along with many more but they also come in different sizes such as the Halloween popular “Fun Size”.

9: The Great American Chocolate Bar” or more commonly known as Hershey’s chocolate bar. This piece of chocolate dates back to the year 1900 and has been a fan favorite ever since being bigger than our M&M but not quite reaching the popularity of the next Halloween treat. 

8: Butterfingers. This mixture of peanut butter and chocolate takes a whole new spin on a delicious treat. These have a special taste that beat our number 9 spot that can seem basic in comparison.  

7: The Twix bar. Twix doesn’t go unnoticed on Halloween night and you won’t see many left when the night is over. While Twix is a great candy it simply just can’t beat our next candy.

 6: Kit Kat bar. While mostly everyone enjoys the original chocolate flavor it should be noted Kit Kat comes in other flavors such as lemon, strawberry, raspberry, and more. The next candy takes a break from the chocolate craze and introduces one of the most popular candies all year round. 

5: Skittles. Everyone has come to enjoy skittles over the many Halloween treats that are available. These small candies also come in a variety of flavors such as the sour ones which some could argue are better than the original.

4: Candy Corn. The most confusing candy in the world. Regardless of if you like it or not you can’t have Halloween night without a handful of candy corn being passed around. 

3:  Milky Way. Candies that come in original and midnight versions. These candies are found in every bag regardless of if you want it or not

2: Snickers. The perfect mixture of almond, hazelnut, and peanut butter.  Perfect at room temperature and frozen this treat is one of the most recognizable candies on Halloween night and many enjoy this treat. 

1: Reese”s Peanut Butter Cups. Finally, we have the most popular candy that you can find on Halloween night. The best combination of peanut butter and chocolate that had crossed the path of the candy world. With multiple variations of this candy from a candy bar to Reese’s pieces, this candy has made a statement on Halloween as the most popular candy