Field Hockey and Girl’s Volleyball during COVID-19

volleyball being played in a gym

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volleyball being played in a gym

Aidan Garvey, Sports Editor

The 2020 Fall High School sports season was one unlike any other. Teams had to only play other teams from neighboring schools, and with no spectators, the environment was completely different. Girls volleyball and field hockey, to two girl exclusive fall sports teams, were among those whose seasons were altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With Field Hockey, the girls just played 8 of their 11 scheduled contests, tallying a total record of 0-8. While playing the nearby schools of Staples, Norwalk, Wilton, and Ridgefield.  

Senior Yariffe Martinez, described her senior experience as unique. Stating that, “[they] had to go into every single game with the fear of a cancellation, there was a lot of doubt going into the possibility of special events like senior night, or even a season in general.”

This fear of cancellation occurred not only in sports, but throughout Danbury in general, with heavy spikes occurring in mid-Oct. and Nov.. This “red zone” in Danbury certainly did not help fuel the girl’s performance, as stress levels made it much harder to play.

When asked if it was harder to physically play this year, Martinez responded, “It was hard to put together a team due to fear of Covid, we had a short roster due to opting out, and in turn we had less time to rest in games”.

The girls certainly set out and competed against the toughest of circumstances, which was reflected in their lack of offensive production, as they did not score a single goal, while allowing 56.

The girls will move on from this year with a short memory, and hope to play next fall in a restriction free world.

In terms of volleyball the girls had a slightly better outcome on the season than field hockey. The girls put up a record of 5-5, while playing 10 out of their 12 scheduled games. 

Girls Volleyball coach, John MacMillan, touched on the topic of any possible coaching challenges during  pandemic. MacMillan assured that, “Covid has not really affected the ability to coach  although there are more restrictions, paperwork and regulations.” He added that,“Wearing masks all the time in the gym is a change but one the volleyball team has adjusted to.”

MacMillan did understand that there was a different attitude while playing this year, however it was not a negative one. MacMillan explained that, “The attitude change is that all the players realize that this year is different and each practice or game could be [their] last and because of that the volleyball team has worked hard in every practice and game. Especially the seniors who are in their last season.[they] are grateful to get [their] season in even if it was short.

With the regulations in place this year, it was certainly a challenge for any sports to play, and the Danbury High School community is extremely proud of all of their athletes for their performance this year.