Winter break is more valuable now then ever

Kecily Pavani, Staff Writer

Now that it’s nearing the end of the year, students are more eager than ever for winter break to start. 

Online schooling has been affecting students from their grades dropping to them becoming overly stressed and not receiving the help they desperately need. 

Being able to take a break from school and just stay home is an annual excitement that students have. However, the pressures of online schooling have turned that excitement into a desperate need.

Junior Gianna Cruciani claims winter break will grant her a much-needed reprieve, and she wants to fast-forward to the end of December already. “This month has been chaotic, making me feel drained,” Cruciani said. “As winter break comes close, teachers are cramming in work [as much as possible].” 

When Cruciani was asked about how she felt about the Thanksgiving break that happened over three weeks ago, she said she was lucky enough to only be assigned a small amount of work by her teachers. Still, she knew that some of her friends had been assigned a larger workload over break.

“What is the point of having a break if you’re assigned work?”  Cruciani asked. 

Junior Jalak Patel was asked how valuable this winter break is to her. Her previous break was packed from the workload that was given from her teachers. Patel claims there is no doubt that her teachers will do it again.

“It is not even considered a break, as I will still be attending [one class] over break,” Patel said. As an AP student, Patel receives numerous assignments from each of her classes. “A break at this period of time for students is highly needed in order to regain motivation and the passion for learning. Right now, it is not just my AP classes giving me a huge workload, but my normal classes too,” Patel expressed.

Student input describes how much a break from online classes and assignments in general is needed for students to succeed this semester and the next.