Tom Porcelli

2021 Graduating Seniors Outcome List

Review this list of our 2021 graduating seniors* and their paths set for the next couple of years. We lead off with a list of one graduate, one outcome, and move into a compilation of school, career education, employment, gap year, or military seals associated with the graduates. 

*Please note that only seniors who fulfilled the Naviance Post-Graduation survey are on this list


Abraham, Daniel – Western Connecticut State University

Abrams, Spencer – University of New England

Abrantes, Antonio – Marion Military Institute

Abujaffer, Mohammad – University of Connecticut

Adames, Yaniris – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Addotey, Glenn – Western Connecticut State University

Aguiar, Camily – University of Connecticut

Ahearn, Kathryn – Western Connecticut State University

Aillon, George – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Alami, Alia – University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Albano, Morgan – Syracuse University

Alberto Rodas, Kelvin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Allen, Kaitlyn – Western Connecticut State University

Almeida, Allana – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Almeida, Michael – Norwalk Community College

Almonte, Claritza – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Almonte, Ibelise – Western Connecticut State University

Alvarez, Sherson – Western Connecticut State University

Alves, Eduardo – University of Connecticut

Alves, Phillip – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Amalfitano, Avery – Keene State College

Amaral, Damian – University of South Carolina-Columbia

Ambrosi, Amara – University of Connecticut

Amorim, Brenda – University of Connecticut

Andreko, Christopher – Western Connecticut State University

Argudo Tigre, Katherine – University of Connecticut

Armstrong, David – The University of Northwestern Ohio

Armstrong, Donald – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Assaf, Andrew – Western Connecticut State University

Attina, Nicholas – Western Connecticut State University

Azcona, Juana – Employment

Baculima, Kevin – University of New Haven

Balbuca, Cristian – Western Connecticut State University

Baptiste, Azariya – Howard University

Barahona-Rojas, Abigail – Western Connecticut State University

Barr, Stephen – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Barreto, Hillary – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Barrigas, Connor – University of Connecticut

Barz, Melody – Western Connecticut State University

Basdeo, Kaitlyn – Western Connecticut State University

Baud, Samantha – Eastern Connecticut State University

Beato, Alyssa – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Begum, Kazi – University of Connecticut 

Beiermann, Brandon – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Bennett, Mark – Western Connecticut State University

Berger, Ethan – Rochester Institute of Technology

Berko-Nti, Ryaan – Western Connecticut State University

Bhatti, Megan – Fordham University

Bhavnagarwala, Adam – University of Connecticut

Bhavnagarwala, Ibrahim – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bieber, Lindsey – Marist College

Blackstock, Kyle – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Bleecker, Emily – University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Bock, Payton – Jacksonville University

Boller, Kyle – University of Rhode Island

Bonilla, Christian – U.S. Marine Corps

Bothwell, Amanda – Keene State College

Bourne, Cole – Gap year

Breece, Zoe – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Bringman, Emma – Eastern Connecticut State University

Brito, Michaela – Sacred Heart University

Bueno, Brian – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Bueno, Tathiana – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Bussmann, Casey – Western Connecticut State University

Bustelo, Emily – Western Connecticut State University

Butera, Vincent – Western Connecticut State University

Calabrese-Gavay, Maxwell – University of Rhode Island

Camacho, Daniel – University of Connecticut

Camacho, Rebekah – Central Connecticut State University

Cambizaca, Lizbeth – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Campbell, Zhakai – Western Connecticut State University

Campisi, Jason – Eastern Connecticut State University

Carvalho, Samuel – Western Connecticut State University

Cassavechia, Noah – U.S. Marine Corps

Castro, Carol – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Catarino, Victoria – Western Carolina University

Cavalcanti, Sergio – U.S. National Guard

Ceballo, Ryan – Western Connecticut State University

Cephas, India – SUNY Buffalo State

Chan Ky, Kyanna – Eastern Connecticut State University

Chao, Nica – Pace University

Chapa, Jay – Western Connecticut State University

Chen, Lucy – U.S. Marine Corps

Chimbo, Diana – Career training at Paul Mitchell the School-North Haven

Chinthak, Sahana – University of Connecticut

Christoforides, Zachary – University of New Haven

Chrostowski, Dominic – University of Connecticut

Chrostowski, Ryan – Western Connecticut State University

Ciany, Mia – Appalachian State University

Clap, Ryan – Western Connecticut State University

Clayton, Jocelyn – Baylor University

Cochancela, Edgar – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Coelho, Stephanie – Western Connecticut State University

Comstock, Thomas – Eastern Connecticut State University

Copeland, Abigail – Western Connecticut State University

Cordero, Justin – Arizona State University-Tempe

Cordova, Amy – University of Connecticut

Cordova, John – University of Connecticut

Cordova, Pamela – Career training at Dolce LLC The Academy

Cos, Alexandra – Roger Williams University

Crawford, Marie – Concordia University

Creegan, Kayla – Marist College

Cuevas, Nicholas – Career training at Henry Abbott Technical High School

Cummings, Kathleen – Western Connecticut State University

Czereszkiewicz, Alek – Wesleyan University

D’Mello, Tanya – University of Connecticut

D’Ostilio, Rebecca – Temple University

Dayrit, Melody – Bay Path University

De Oliveira, Judith – University of Connecticut

Decew, Christian – Career training at Lincoln Technical-Shelton

DeFeo, Adriana – Southern Connecticut State University

De La Cruz, Johan – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Delaney, Alexa – University of Massachusetts-Boston

Densk, Carter – University of Connecticut

Derobertis, Brandon – Gap year

DeVita, Zara – Temple University

Diez, Emely – Western Connecticut State University

DiLillo, Ryan – University of Bridgeport

Disla, Hendrick – Gap year

Disla, Karla – University of Connecticut

Dixon, Kenneth – University of Connecticut

Dominguez, Marcos – University of Bridgeport

Donovan, Daniel – United States Naval Academy

Dorsch, Savanna – University of South Carolina-Columbia

Dos Santos, Arianna – Employment as a Banana Republic stylist

DosSantos, William – University of Connecticut

Duchi Guaman, Fanny – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Duhamel, Conner – University of Connecticut

Durante, Philip – University of Connecticut

Durkin, Michael – Western Connecticut State University

Dyckman, Grace – Quinnipiac University

Elste, Erich – Western Connecticut State University

Enriquez, Dennis – University of Connecticut

Erhadt, Emilee – Western Connecticut State University

Escobar, Jasmin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Escolastico, Hansel – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Espinal, Jessenia – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Espinal, Tahmia – University of Connecticut

Espinoza, Naomi – Western Connecticut State University

Estanqueiro, Alexis – High Point University

Evanuska, Mikayla – MCPHS University

Fahsbender, Kaya – Brigham Young University-Provo

Fanning, Gregory – Bridgewater State University

Farnham, Cameron – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Ferati, Alberta – Western Connecticut State University

Fermin, Diana – Gap year

Fernandez, Diego – Sacred Heart University

Fernandez, Tatiana – Central Connecticut State University

Ferrandino, Jenna – Roger Williams University

Ferreira, Luizy – University of Connecticut

Fields, Rachael – Western Connecticut State University

Gabriel, Anderson – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Gagnebin, Sorreea – Western Connecticut State University

Gagnon, Alyssa – James Madison University

Garcia Flores, Sindy – Employment 

Garcia, Xochilt – Career training at Ricci’s Academy

Gardner, Nicolas – Hartwick College

Garvey, Aidan – University of Rhode Island

Gaudio, Julianne – Western Connecticut State University

Gawley, Maya – Belmont Abbey College

Genao, Roberto – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Geoffrion, Sierra – Temple University

George, Priscilla – Western Connecticut State University

Ghanie, Matthew – University of Connecticut-Stamford

Giraldo Levano, Victoria – Western Connecticut State University

Glasgow, Skye – Western Connecticut State University

Gomez, Andres – University of Hartford

Gomez, Joseph – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Gondinho, Kymberly – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Gonzalez, Hilder – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Gonzalez, Jasmine – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Gonzalez, Joaquin – University of Hartford

Goodwin, Jake – University of Miami

Gosnay, Franklin – University of Connecticut

Granados, Helky – University of Connecticut

Granja, Ryan – Keene State College

Grant, Jennifer – University of Vermont

Grossi, Aniyah – Western Connecticut State University

Guaman, Maribel – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Guerrero Lora, Adrian – Marine Corps Institute

Guiterrez, Dominic – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Guiterrez, Miguel – University of Connecticut

Guzman, Ashley – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Guzman, Carolina – Simmons University

Hameedi, Sanaz – University of Connecticut

Harrington, Jayden – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Hassan, Rafa – University of Connecticut

Hawkins, Jaylen – Western New England University

Haynes, Erin – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hernandez, Ana – University of Scranton

Hernandez, Kevin – University of Connecticut

Hester, Kiersten – California Lutheran University

Hicks, Ryan – Rivier University

Highsmith, Gavin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Hinh, Audrey – Western Connecticut State University

Hodapp, Isabel – Naugatuck Valley Community 

Hodge, Harley – University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Holley, Justin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Hollister, Courtney – Central Connecticut State University

Hope, Marissa – Kean University

Howard, Chayne – Fairfield University

Hughes, Benjamin – U.S. Navy

Iaquinto, Gianna – Hofstra University

Illaisaca, Sandra – Eastern Connecticut State University

Iommazzo, Nicholas – Career training at the Universal Technical Institute

Jacob, Aleena – Northeastern University

Jacob, Sabrina – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Jaigua, Kevin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Jakobson, Declan – Plymouth State University

Japa, Erik – University of Hartford

Jeffires, Alex – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Johnston, Madeline – Saint Anselm College

Jones, Michael – University of Connecticut

Joseph, Alvin – University of Connecticut

Joshi, Suraj – University of Vermont

Josyula, Lasyapriya – Rochester Institute of Technology

Juanacio, Lizbeth – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Justo, Samuel – Eastern Connecticut State University

Kallianotis, Zoey – Marist College

Kaltschnee, Brianna – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Kariamu, Nilaja – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Kavlashvili, Ioseb – Western Connecticut State University

Keller, Madison – University of Connecticut

Klampert, Kaitlyn – St. John’s University

Knight, Liam – University of Southern Maine

Koellhoffer, Kate – University of Connecticut

Kom, Savannah – Johnson & Wales University

Kongnyu, Bryan – Cornell University

Kpodar, O’Neal – Northeastern University 

Kuron, Kelly – Eastern Connecticut State University

Kwarteng, Gabriel – University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Laham, Benjamin – Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Landrie, Aja – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Lapaix, Ariana – Western Connecticut State University

Lattin, Karissa – Marist College

Lazo Crespo, Araceli – Western Connecticut State University

Le, Tan – Career training

Leite, Maria – Western Connecticut State University

Lema-Zaruma, Josilyn – Western Connecticut State University

Leon Bano, Jefferson – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Leon, Melissa – Western Connecticut State University

Leonard, Zachary – Western Connecticut State University

Leonardo, Jacob – Western Connecticut State University

Linsley, Ian – University of Connecticut

Lliguicota, Vivy – College of Mount Saint Vincent

Loja Puma, Scarlett – Western Connecticut State University

Lopes, Luis – University of Connecticut

Lopez Ramirez, Fabiana – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Lopez, Amberly – Yonsei University-Underwood

Lopez, Miguel – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Lopez-Gibbons, Joaquin – Pace University

Lu, Andy – Western Connecticut State University

Lyn, Alex – Career training at Porter and Chester Institute

Lynch, Annarita – University of Connecticut

Mancancela, Dayanna – Western Connecticut State University

Macklin, Myla – Howard University

Madrid, Dimitrius – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Magyar, Connor – University of Connecticut

Maisincho, Jessenia – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Mangalram, Mahendra – U.S. National Guard

Marin Pomavilla, Gilary – Western Connecticut State University

Marquis, Avery – Lander University

Martinez, Arturo – Hillsborough Community College

Martinez, Yariffe – Roger Williams University

Masi, Addyson – Western Connecticut State University

Matos, Liana – Naugatuck Valley Community College

McGraw, Collin – Bowling Green State University

Mckenna, James – Norwich University

McLean, Kaleil – University of Hartford

McNamara, Eric – University of Connecticut

McNamara, Kendell – Johnson & Wales University

Meelar, Fathima Nuha – University of Connecticut

Melillo, Tessa – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Melo, Brennda – Marist College

Mendez Honores, Justyn – University of Connecticut

Mendez, Vivian – Springfield College

Mercado, Kaylee – University of Massachusetts-Boston

Mercer, Audrey – Western Connecticut State University

Merrill, Brien – University of Connecticut

Mikyska, Katelyn – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mistriel, Zoe – Western Connecticut State University

Montero Santiago, Keishla – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Montero, Michael – Western Connecticut State University

Mora, Kimberly – Gap year

Morales Garcia, Citlaly – University of Connecticut

Morales, Jonathan – Western Connecticut State University

Morales, Kimberly – University of Connecticut

Morquecho, Brian – University of Hartford

Mufti, Amina – University of Connecticut

Mufti, Umama – University of Connecticut

Murillo, Andres – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Murray, Taleigha – Southern Connecticut State University

Murray, Tasia – Southern Connecticut State University

Na, Khuron – Guilford College

Nalbatian, Nicholas – Western Connecticut State University

Navarro, Daniel – Widener University

Neves, Julia – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Nhep, Laura – University of Connecticut

Niola, Travis – Western Connecticut State University

Novella, Adrianna – Eastern Connecticut State University

Nugra, Lexly – Western Connecticut State University

Nunez, Kamille – University of Connecticut

O’Brien, Lucia – Naugatuck Valley Community College

O’Rourke, Michael – Western Connecticut State University

Obeng, Maame – Northeastern University

Oliva, Ashley – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Oliveira, Karina – Baylor University

Ordonez, Lizbeth – University of Connecticut

Orgera, Jack – University of Maryland-College Park

Orr, Alexander – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Orrico, Kayleigh – York College of Pennsylvania

Palardy, Bethany – Western Connecticut State University

Palmer, Sasha – Pace University

Pani, Melanie – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Paredes, Christopher – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Paredes, Jordy – Western Connecticut State University

Parkinson, Toni-Ann – Western Connecticut State University

Parra, Yerson – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Parsons, Laryssa – Central Connecticut State University

Pascual Jimenez, Edilainy – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Pascual, Zoe – Eastern Connecticut State University

Patel, Arman – University of Saint Joseph

Patel, Priya – Quinnipiac University

Patel, Riya – Fordham University

Patino, James – Career training at Connecticut School of Broadcasting

Patrick, Samantha – Western Connecticut State University

Pauta, Christopher – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Pena, Mikaury – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Penaranda, Marlie – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Peralta, Penelope – Fashion Institute of Technology

Pereira, Sofia – Western Connecticut State University

Perez, Isacc – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Perez, Nashley – Career training at Porter and Chester Institute

Perez, Viviana – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Perreault, Reiley – Bentley University

Pesantez Erreyes, Lexcy – Western Connecticut State University

Pesantez, Alexandra – Brigham Young University-Provo

Pham, Aileen – University of Connecticut

Phuong, Mason – Western Connecticut State University

Piantini Marinez, Emmanuel – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Pineault, Brandon – Employment

Pires, Gabriele – Western Connecticut State University

Potpan, Taylor – Fairfield University

Pudelka, Justine – Eastern Connecticut State University

Pulla, Jason – University of Connecticut

Puryear, Knijah – Southern Connecticut State University

Quezada, Camille – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Quinn, Lauren – Western Connecticut State University

Quinones, Justin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Qureshi, Hibba – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ramos, Valentina – Johns Hopkins University

Rana, Ria – Quinnipiac University

Rana, Vidhi – Western Connecticut State University

Ranieri, Anthony – Western Connecticut State University

Raslavsky, Nicholas – Boston University

Rath, Byron – Western Connecticut State University

Raymundo, Anthony – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Read, Emily – Western Connecticut State University

Reda, Christopher – The University of Arizona

Redrovan, Jennie – Cornell University

Redrovan, Rosemary – Western Connecticut State University

Regus, Ikira – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Reinoso-Chacon, Jennifer – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Remache, Joseph – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Reyes, Javier – Western Connecticut State University

Reyes, Keanna – Western Connecticut State University

Rico, Hennesy – Southern Connecticut State University

Rivas Rodriguez, Noemy – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rivera, Christopher – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rivera, Leilani – Nassau Community College

Rivers, Derek – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Roberts, Isabella – Elon University

Robles, Luke – U.S. Air Force

Rodrigues, Ana – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rodrigues, Brisa – Western Connecticut State University

Rodriguez, Alexis – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rodriguez, Keven – Fairfield University

Rogers, Tianna – Wheaton College

Rojas, Keily – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Romero, Shirley – Hyles-Anderson College

Roos, Jennifer – Eastern Connecticut State University

Roos, Zachary – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rosa, Jeylisse – University of Hartford

Rosa, Matheus – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rosales, Carlos – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rosano, Angeles – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Rosario, Shakira – Western Connecticut State University

Rose, Michelle – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Roseau, Genesis – Western Connecticut State University

Rosetti, Patrick – Wesleyan University

Ross, Xavier – Central Connecticut State University

Rozon, Kevin – Career training at Lincoln Technical

Saad, Amy – Wheaton College

Salazar, Jocelyn – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Salese, Grant – Florida Southern College

Salinas, Cynthia – Western Connecticut State University

Salinas, Jasmine – University of New Haven

Salinas, Lesley – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Salomao, Pedro – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Salto, Jhoana – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Samaniego, Aaron – Career training at the Porter and Chester Institute

Samaniego, Justyn – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Samuel, Aniyah – Career training at the Porter and Chester Institute

San Martin, Lizbeth – Western Connecticut State University

Sanchez, Danny – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Sanchez, Katherine – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Sanchez, Luis – Western Connecticut State University

Sangphet, Sarah – University of Connecticut

Santana, Amy – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Santana, Thalita – Western Connecticut State University

Santos, Samantha – Western Connecticut State University

Sargento, Wannerley – Western Connecticut State University

Sari, Jesse – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Sarmiento, Emmelly – Western Connecticut State University

Sauls, Ashley – Western Connecticut State University

Schlissel, Caleb – Cornell University

Schoelkopf, Jonathan – University of Connecticut

Schryer, David – Western Connecticut State University

Schultz, Aidan – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Seibert, Grace – Salve Regina University

Shields, Reneeyah – Career training at Stone Academy

Sigua, Ariel – Western Connecticut State University

Siguenza Lema, Michelle – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Siguenza, Cynthia – New York University

Silva, Alexandria – University of Connecticut

Silva, Gabriella – Pennsylvania State University

Silva, Jenna – University of Connecticut

Silva, Matthew – Western Connecticut State University

Silva, Regiane – Western Connecticut State University

Siranaula, Liseth – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Smith, Morgan – Western Connecticut State University

Snow, Kaitlyn – Quinnipiac University

Soares Firmiano, Natalia – Purdue University

Soni, Riya – Western Connecticut State University

Soni, Shivangi – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Sosa Jimenez, Laura – Western Connecticut State University

Soto, Steven – Western Connecticut State University

Sousa, Kaya – University of Massachusetts-Boston

Souza, Claire – University of Connecticut

Stanzione, Aaron – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Stefanelli, Emily – University of Connecticut

Stewart, Maleak – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Stillman, Brooke – Western Connecticut State University

Storms, Daniel – Stevens Institute of Technology

Strohmeyer, Jadeyn – Belmont University

Suarez, Haylie – University of Connecticut

Summers, Ethan – Central Connecticut State University

Syme, Gryffin – Gap year

Taj, Juhi – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Tan, Tiffany – University of Connecticut

Tapia, Jasmin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Teixeira, Gabriella – University of Connecticut

Tenecela, Junior – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Terilli, Luca – Western Connecticut State University

Tetzner, Izadora – University of Connecticut

Thomas, Alexis – Southern Connecticut State University

Thomas, Divine – Career training at Paul Mitchell the School

Thomas, Kadin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Thoum, Angelina – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Toledo, Richy – Western Connecticut State University

Torres, Angelina – Western Connecticut State University

Trimandilis, Alexa – LIM College

Trindade, Agostinho – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Trinh, Kim – Western Connecticut State University

Tu, Vincent – Western Connecticut State University

Tuano, Rylee – Western Connecticut State University

Tuon, Melisa – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Turcios, Asael – Western Connecticut State University

Turman, Daren – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Uceta, Nomar – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Valente, Kaitlyn – Western Connecticut State University

Valero Vega, Duber – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Vasquez, Cesar – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Vasquez, Isaiah – Gap year

Vazquez, Ashley – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Vega, Richard – University of Connecticut

Velasco, Karina – Western Connecticut State University

Velecela, Kevin – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Ventura, Grimsley – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Vera, Sharon – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Veras, Faith – Gateway Community College

Victorino, Kliero – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Vidmar, Kevin – Western Connecticut State University

Villa, Tabatha – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Virtudes, Emily – Career training at the Academy Program

Vivas, Andres – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Viveros, Bryan – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Wallin, Erik – University of Pittsburgh

Ward, Lindsay – Providence College

Wiblishauser, Julia – University of Rhode Island

Williams, Ava – Western Connecticut State University

Williams, Malaysia – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Wimer, Charles – Western Connecticut State University

Wiseman, Juliana – University of Connecticut

Wong, Angus – Western Connecticut State University

Wulff-Andersen, Viktoria – Duke University

Wyatt, Jalen – University of Connecticut

Yang, Ivan – University of Connecticut 

Yastremski, Nora – Eastern Connecticut State University

Yunga, Jennifer – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Zeiner, Jared – Central Connecticut State University

Zimmermann, Johnathan – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Appalachian State University
Arizona State University-Tempe
Baylor University
Bay Path University
Belmont Abbey College
Belmont University
Bentley University
Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Boston University
Bowling Green State University
Bridgewater State University
Brigham Young University-Provo
California Lutheran University
Central Connecticut State University
College of Mount Saint Vincent
Concordia University
Cornell University
Duke University
Eastern Connecticut State University
Elon University
Fairfield University
Fashion Institute of Technology
Florida Southern College
Fordham University
Gateway Community College
Guilford College
Hartwick College
High Point University
Hillsborough Community College
Hofstra University
Howard University
Hyles-Anderson College
Jacksonville University
James Madison University
Johns Hopkins University
Johnson & Wales University
Kean University
Keene State College
Lander University
LIM College
Marine Corps Institute
Marion Military Institute
Marist College
MCPHS University
Nassau Community College
Naugatuck Valley Community College
New York University
Northeastern University
Norwalk Community College
Norwich College
Pace University
Pennsylvania State University
Plymouth State University
Providence College
Purdue University
Quinnipiac University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rivier University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Roger Williams University
Sacred Heart University
Saint Anslem College
Salve Regina University
Simmons University
Southern Connecticut State University
Springfield College
Stevens Institute of Technology
St. John’s University
SUNY Buffalo State
Syracuse University
Temple University
The University of Arizona
The University of Northwestern Ohio
United States Naval Academy
University of Bridgeport
University of Connecticut
University of Hartford
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Maryland-College Park
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
University of Massachusetts-Boston
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
University of Miami
University of New England
University of New Haven
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
University of Pittsburgh
University of Rhode Island
University of Saint Joseph
University of Scranton
University of South Carolina-Columbia
University of Southern Maine
University of Vermont
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Western Carolina University
Wesleyan University
Western Connecticut State University
Wheaton College
Widener University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Yonsei University-Underwood
York College of Pennsylvania
Career Education
Gap Year

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