Wulff-Andersen earns Salutatorian honors for Class of 2021

Kecily Pavani

Leaving her high school career behind her and with extreme hard work and dedication, Viktoria Wuff-Andersen has earned Salutatorian for the class of 2021 with a GPA of 4.9. With a variety of achievements, outstanding grades, and an optimistic personality, Andersen has left a great impression on all.

Achieving Salutatorian is an accomplishment, Anderson mentions how she would always push herself to achieve the highest score possible since she was young and that she was always thoughtful of her future and occupation. “I’ve always been a diligent student, always on top of my work,” says Anderson. “Getting my work done…it was gonna come naturally, there was no way I would let myself fall behind.”

“[Viktoria] is an old soul… jumped ahead and realized at a younger age what her goal was,” says Tom Porcelli, an AP Language and Composition teacher at DHS. 

Anderson would enter Porcelli’s AP class in her junior year, though already having an understanding of one another through Yearbook, they would form a strong bond that supported Anderson that year and so on.

The senior would take courses that she was confident in as well as being of interest to her, this made earning good grades easy. However, just like any other courses, they can be complicated. Anderson would put in time to study for tests and make sure that she would place the highest grade as best as she can.

“Everyone wants to be first place but I am really content with the position I am in.” 

Driven to success, motivation was gained from big occupational dreams and the desire to change the world. Anderson inspires to pursue in the path of political justice by becoming a criminal defense attorney and later on going into politics and perhaps a little freelance journaling on the side. 

With this type of career an open voice and much knowledge is needed in order to help defend. “She likes to read and she knows how to [speak her mind],” says Porcelli. “She’s an English teacher’s dream.”

Classes such as AP World History have helped Anderson gain more knowledge on politics, not just in American politics but from the Middle East expanding to East Asia as well.

In four years, Anderson was able to be part of a variety of academic programs, clubs, and activities and earned leadership positions such as being President of National Honors Society and English Society.

Sophomore year, she was introduced to an internship to become a freelance journalist. She had recently become an ambassador for Yale Young Global Scholars and participated in many more academic activities.

The senior collected a variety of achievements surrounding writing skills, won three AP Scholar awards (AP World History, AP Statistics, and AP Government Politics), and more. These achievements and leadership roles show the amount of effort Anderson has truly put into her academics.

Though, having these accomplishments achieved after putting in hard work, Anderson wasn’t always perfect. Along with dealing with her schooling, she also was dealing with a toxic relationship with food. “I did not know if I was gonna live to see graduation,” says Anderson. 

This relationship had followed her from middle school to the end of her sophomore year as she dedicated junior year to recovery. The lack of focus and concentration would affect her academic performance. 

Soon enough, she developed a healthy relationship not just with food, but her body as well. “I would have not gotten where I am today…without a healthy relationship with my body.”

Anderson is an ideal student and later on she will become an ideal person, with their own achievements committed through hard work, there is always a darker side to it as well. Anderson learned to overcome those hardships and strive for the best. Her ambitious character will never be forgotten here at DHS.