‘Survivor’ returns for 41st season

Mackenzie Gentile, Staff Writer

*Contains spoiler for Episode 1

Recap: On September 22nd, after 16 months, the hit reality show, “Survivor,” came back with its 41st season with some new twists. It isn’t like your normal “Survivor” season; there are new advantages added and new ways to play the game.  There are three tribes, “Luvu” (Blue), “Ua” (Green), and “Yase” (Yellow), each tribe has to fight their way to survive. This year, each tribe only starts off with a machete, a pot, and a flint. Normally they start with a bag of rice rice as well so they are able to eat. 

Summary: The first challenge consisted of each tribe having to find their paddles that were hidden throughout the boat, and whoever is the first on their designated boat and make it around and to the flint, that tribe gets to start off with their supplies while the other two have to earn them. The first tribe to make it on their boat was the Luvu tribe, but not far behind was  the Ua tribe who came in and took the win and was able to start with their supplies right away. While these two tribes were on their boats already, the Yase tribe wasn’t even able to find their fifth paddle. 

Throughout the episode each tribe had to make tough decisions, but the hardest one was when the Ua tribe and the Yase tribe had to vote somebody off. 

Analysis: The new changes throughout this episode definitely made it more interesting, but also made me question how they are going to change the rest of the season. With them not starting off with actual food and having to earn it makes me a little more concerned; three or so days  passed throughout the episode, and we didn’t see them eat once. It almost makes you question how well they are being treated on the show. Personally, I believe that if the show continued to its original roots, then it wouldn’t have the risk of recurring watches not liking how they are setting things up this season, but I did enjoy how the episode was set up and how that there was no overlapping of episodes and the fact that I was never lost in what day it was of the show. 

Personally I was very surprised at who had left that episode and their reasoning behind it.  The Green tribe voting off Sara was a shock because she showed some good potential to the team and could’ve been an asset. Eliminating Abraham from the yellow tribe, and being the first voted off in the season, was not that shocking, as he wasn’t a team player and almost played for himself instead of the rest of his team. 

I think that the top two people in the game are going to be JD from the Green tribe and Xander from the Yellow team. They are both strong competitorsand play for themselves but have a smart way of going about it. 


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