‘Survivor 41’ comes back with new twists in episode 2


Mackenzie Gentile

This is a turtle from one of the winning teams after the first challenge in Survivor Episode 2.

Mackenzie Gentile, Staff Writer

*Contains spoilers from Episode 2*

Recap: In this week’s episode of “Survivor”, we witnessed a lot of betrayals and double-crossing from some of the players. The blue tribe (“Luvu”), is currently the strongest tribe throughout the game, gaining immunity in the last challenge. 

Summary:This week’s challenge was a swimming challenge, and immunity was up for grabs again, but with a twist. There were two immunity trophies and the first two tribes to finish were able to acquire fishing gear in order to make their hunt for food much easier. Each tribe had to swim and hurdle their way through two obstacles, one being a net that they had to run across, and the other being a balance beam that they had to cross. The yellow tribe started as one of the strongest, but as soon as Tiffany played her turn, she could barely succeed on the beam. Her struggles allowed the other two tribes to surpass her tribe and eventually started on their puzzles. Eventually, as the challenge went on, the two teams that won were the blue and green, once again. The two winning tribes were “Luvu” and “Ua”, and yet again the “Yase” tribe was stuck with nothing and proved they are the weakest link. 

Evvie from the yellow tribe started making alliances with Xander and Voce, but also with Tiffany and Liana. When she went on the journey with Deshawn, she also aligned with him and told him about Xander’s secrets. She told him about Xander having an idol and not being allowed to vote until the others are found. It was also discovered that he has an extra vote in the voting process. Eventually, Evvie was telling everyone in her tribe about Xander, but the boys do not know that all the girls know what Xander has. Sooner or later this could eventually  come back and hurt her. 

When it came down to the voting process, Xander from the Yellow tribe, found one of the idols, with this idol the only way the idol will work is if he has to say the phrase “I truly believe butterflies are just dead relatives saying hi” and then two other players have to finish the phrase for the idol to work. Although he does have the other advantage, he cannot use it since he has the idol. As the tribe decided to vote, they voted Voce out and he was eliminated from the game. 

Analysis: I believe that this week’s challenge was fair, but the yellow tribe voted out the wrong person. Tiffany should’ve been the one out instead of Voce because she holds back the rest of the tribes. In both challenges, she was the one who hasn’t played for the tribe, she plays for herself. I don’t understand why they still decided to keep her, even though she is the tribe’s weakest link. When the girls were talking, and they wanted to vote out Xander they would’ve lost a strong player. Instead, they decided to vote out Voce, even though he hasn’t impacted the tribe in a bad way. They are now the only team that has lost two players, and it seems like they are going to continue being the weakest if they keep the weakest link in the tribe.