Teachers feel content with the return of in-person learning


Spanish teacher Ms. Calderon is excited to see her students once again and has high expectations for the year.

Giselle Morales, Staff Writer

As the situation of the pandemic has improved, DHS students and teachers have returned to school. At the start of the pandemic, students and teachers had to adapt to Hybrid mode. Now with Danbury coming fully back, it is evident that teachers will have developed certain emotions and opinions on the situation.  

“I think it is much better to have the students in front of them and to be able to assist them in what they need,” said Spanish teacher, Piedad Calderon.  “It is much more interactive. One can learn from students like they can from you, not just academically but as people as well.”

“Initially I was feeling a bit anxious just about teaching to a larger group of students,” said English teacher Lateah Beal. “Now I think it’s necessary for kids to be engaged and also for teachers to re-engage in the material. You can’t really replace human to human contact so I’m really pleased with being back in person.”

Teachers are satisfied with returning to school as they understand the benefits of engaging with their students. They emphasized the importance of interacting and connecting with their students. This new school year has also led to teachers developing new teaching methods.  

“The interaction by the computer came to stay,” Calderon said.  “I have tried to modify the lessons since last year to put them online. I am also trying to alternate between online and physical assignments because I think that the use of pencil and paper is important.”

“Ive been using Google Classroom for at least 4 years, but I think what has changed the most is making sure that I am consistently using it,” Beal said. “Providing the space for kids who are absent to utilize it wasn’t necessarily my concern two, three, your years ago. Now I am more conscious about my delivery and making sure that everything that happens in the classroom kids can get a full focus of,  if they are home quarantining or absent.”

The use of computers has definitely increased under the given circumstances.  Though Calderon believes that the practice of physically doing work shouldnt be lost. Even though pen and paper are occasionally used, teachers have adapted their students to the platform known as Google Classroom.  All assignments are now done electronically, and teachers have tried to make their assignments more clear and concise, making sure students understand the material being presented. Not only did teachers need to adapt to the daily use of computers, but also to the use of masks and socially distanced desks. Teachers have stepped away from the traditional style of learning and are now experiencing a complete new environment. 

The process of returning to school may have been hard and weird at first for both teachers and students at first. Slowly but surely the education system will continue to return to normality once again. As teachers are happy with the progress that has been made so far.