Advantages, idols, and disappointment: ‘Survivor 41’ episode 3


Challenge from episode 3

Mackenzie Gentile, Staff Writer

*Contains spoilers from episode 3*

Recap: In the last episode of Survivor, we saw a lot of betrayal, and it was more focused on the Yellow tribe. We, as watchers, got a lot of more insight on people showing their true colors. With last week’s episode being more focused on the yellow tribe, this week’s is more focused on the green tribe. 

Summary: During this week’s episode, one person from each tribe found an advantage; Tiffany from the yellow tribe, Brad from the green tribe, and Sydney from the blue tribe. With this advantage, if they didn’t go on the boat they would have lost their vote. The decision was either to steal a vote or get a tarp for the tribe. If there was a split vote, the person who had chosen the tarp lost their vote in the next tribal council. 

During the challenge, both immunities were back up for grabs and as a reward for the two winning tribes, they were able to get fruit as well. The first two finishing tribes were yellow and blue, this was the first ever win for the yellow tribe in the 7 days that they were there. 

As the tension rose between the green tribe after losing the challenge, it was time to vote and there were very tough decisions to be made about who to vote out, since they are such a strong tribe. Eventually, there were only two people’s names thrown out on who to vote for, Brad and JD. As voting started, Brad was not able to vote due to him also finding an immunity, which caused him to end up getting voted off. 

Analysis: With the way this week’s episode started, it made it a little more difficult to follow. In my opinion a lot of confusing twists and turns were thrown at us. I hope the rest of this season won’t be as confusing. I don’t like the way that Tiffany acted when she found the new advantage and the way she acts is like she is better than everyone else, but in reality, she is one of the weakest in the yellow tribe. 

I think that the green tribe made a bad decision by voting Brad out, he was one of the most powerful in the tribe and one of the stronger players. He did well in every challenge, and tried to take them to victory. The person who should have been voted out should have been JD, he did the worst in the challenge and wasn’t able to help his team succeed. When the green tribe went into the first tribal council, they voted based on who weighed them down in the challenge that is why they voted out Sarah. Now, I believe that they are more voting with their personal preferences on who they like and dislike. I hope that they will start voting based on skill instead of what they think about each other.