Mistrust, hurt, and tears: ‘Survivor’ 41 episode 10

Mackenzie Gentile, Staff Writer

*Contains spoilers from episode 10*

Recap: There has been a lot of tension that is starting to form between the players currently, almost everyone is on edge about being voted out. No one knows what to do anymore and Shan is trying to get everyone to vote with her and many people are starting to realize that her way isn’t the best and that maybe they should be doing things differently now. 

Summary: In the beginning of the episode, we see Erika and Deshawn consulting on kicking one of the two people that have idols out of the game. Debating and thinking about getting Shan out, but when Shan goes up to Deshawn and asks about what him and Erika were talking about he lied to her and said that she was trying to help him side with Xander and her. 

During the reward challenge we see one of the hardest reward challenges that happened during this season. The winner of the challenge is able to bring three other people with them to be able to eat pizza and be able to get a good night’s sleep for once. Ricard ended up winning the challenge and he brought Shane, Heather, and Xander to be able to share the night with him. Which was a shock as a watcher because he tried to play it off as he was trying to bring the people that either has had no rewards or is selfless and has helped the tribe as a whole. 

In the immunity challenge, they had to balance on a narrow beam while holding a ball on a stand. If the ball or the player fell, they were out and lost their chance to have immunity in tribal council. The player that won this immunity challenge was Ricard, so that means he now is safe and has a guaranteed spot in the final seven. 

With this week’s tribal council, we see the tribe working almost as a whole and come up with a plan to try and get Shan out. After the votes are tallied, we see that there was a tie between Shan and Liana (which is what they all wanted), in order for their plan to pull through, they all had to vote out Shan. Which they ended up doing, and Shan was the 11th player voted out in Survivor 41. 

Analysis: In this week’s episode we saw a lot of back and forth between the tribe on who to vote out. It came to a shock to me that their plan did end up working out and they were able to get Shan out. I think the tribe made a good decision to do this because she was trying to undermine everyone and thinking that she was playing strategically when she wasn’t and it was actually making people turn on her. Overall, this week’s episode was very shocking and it left me curious as to what is gonna happen in the next episode and who is going home next.