Lila Schlissel introduces book club, ‘Between the Spines’, to DHS


Emma Stankiewicz

A shot of of club members.

Nia Sterling, Staff Writer

Danbury High School  has implemented a new book club this school year. 

Lila  Schlissel, the founder of the club, explains the origins of  Between The Spines: “We started it last year as a result of being in quarantine. We read Othello over the course of a month 

of a half and talked about it. I really liked it and I wanted to continue it this year, so our first meeting was Nov. 18.”

 The first meeting took place in Emma Stankewicz’s room, consisting of 40 students. After the first meeting, the attendance of club members declined, leaving them with 15 members. 

The club meets every Thursday at 2 p.m. A typical meeting features lots of group activities and discussions. In the last meeting, club members discussed The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. Members have not been required to submit dues.

The atmosphere of the club is described by Schlissel as “laidback and comfortable.” Themed pieces are in the works for upcoming months. 

 Schlissel anticipates that the club will read Greek Mythology or Shakespeare in the future. We will be doing either Shakespearean sonnets or Macbeth.” 

After much consideration and research on book club names, Schlissel decided on the name Between The Spines.

In spreading wisdom and advice,  Schlissel shares information about the club for students contemplating whether they should join: “It is a club made for the people in it. So if you want to do it and you’re apprehensive about it there is really no reason to be because we are here for the people who want to do it and might be a little scared to do it. Keep an open mind because everyone is so accepting. If you really just want to be able to connect with other people intellectually on a more regular basis…., it is a really good place to do that and there is no pressure from academics.”