Kyrie Irving unable to play home games due to vaccination status


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A photo of Kyrie Irving during his time with the Cavaliers, although he now plays for the Brooklyn Net

Bryan Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Kyrie Irving has been unstoppable these past several years, but the vaccine mandate has made it hard for him to play  in New York. New York only allows vaccinated individuals in their arenas, players included. Not only is Irving letting down his teammates, but he is also losing a significant amount of money. According to the USA today, “Kyrie is planned to lose about 35 million if he doesn’t return to play with the Nets. Which is about 400,000 dollars per game if he keeps missing the games.”

 This started very straightforward as Irving wasn’t a full participant of the team at the beginning of the year. On Oct. 12 it became known players would have to be vaccinated to play in New York. Reporters stated that the team told him he “either gets vaccinated or or New York City drops the vaccine mandate”. Kyrie Irvying has already been labeled “crazy,” prior to his vaccine refusal.  Previously,” people believed that he was crazy for his beliefs related to conspiracy theories. For example, the moon landing was fake because the footsteps do not match his boots. Another idea he had is that the earth is flat, saying the way people travel proves there are extraterrestrial beings in the universe and also that the education system is designed to lie to us and ect. 

For the time being, or until Irving gets vaccinated, or New York lifts their vaccine mandate,” Kyrie will only play in away games and has already played 7 games in his last games he was able to put up good numbers except for one game, what he was able to put up is 30, 24, 30, 27, and 9. 

Coach Casey Bock of the basketball team from the Danbury High School states that he is very unhappy about the kyrie situation but happy at the fact that Kyrie is able to play at least in away games he also stated that it will be easy for him to get back and play well one of Coach Bocks quotes would to “never give up your time will come.”