Snowy start to 2022 for DHS


Nicolly Cavalli, Photography Editor

After coming back from winter break Danbury High School faced staff issues due to COVID-19, this caused Monday and Tuesday to be 2-hour-delays for students. 

“To be honest all I was thinking was ‘Thank God’. It was actually really nice because we were able to have more sleep and I felt so much more awake and productive and active” said Luiza Santana, a junior at Danbury High School.

 Wednesday through Friday schools were canceled due to weather conditions. Monday, Jan. 10, was also a 2-hour-delay for weather conditions as well. Students and staff were both affected by the two-hour-delays. Many buses weren’t running, leaving some students to find an alternative way to school. 

Staff members were stuck on the road or out sick. Wednesday, Jan. 5, when schools were canceled, some teachers and staff were already in the building. Throughout the week students and staff were continuously hit with waves of Covid. Many students had gotten Covid while on break and some just after schools were back on. 

While some students were happy about getting a couple more days off, others were worried about getting more days removed from summer break.

 “I feel like some days I felt were needed because of the weather and other days I feel like it wasn’t needed” Santana said.

Due to lack of regular substitutes, some teachers were left to cover other classes.

There have already been 6 missed school days (snow days) this year. This has now exceeded the 5 built-in “snow days” leaving the last day of school to now be on June 16. Days will continue to be added to the end of the year if any more snow or weather cancellations occur.