Danbury wins FCIAC cheerleading championship

Eclipse N. Dutcher, Staff Writer

In early February 2022, Danbury won the FCIAC cheerleading competition at Trumbull High School. This was the fifth win in a row for Danbury, who competed in similar competitions every year from 2017-2020, with no competition being present in 2021 due to Covid regulations. Previously, Danbury won the FCIAC championships in 1999, 2001-03, and 2007.

Tatarzycki mentioned that “[They’ve] been preparing since August, honestly, that’s when [they] start [their] first season. [They] do two seasons – fall and winter but [they’ve] been preparing since August.”  

She also mentioned that there is no spring season for cheerleading. It would make sense that the team started to prepare in late summer for the competition that took place in the fall, as cheerleading can be difficult, especially with the Covid regulations.  

Tatarzycki  explained that there were no competitions in 2021 as Covid  prevented it. “It was difficult, especially during the fall, when [the cheerleaders] had to practice with masks, it’s hard to practice tumbling with masks but they did adjust well, by the end of the season they took them off,” Tatarzycki said.

Tatarzycki then went on to explain the difference between earlier years and what happened between 2020 and 2021, and whether or not the championships happen every year. “Yes, the state championships happen every year, and if you qualify you can move onto the state open championship and the regional championship and they qualified for both.” Tatarzycki also noted that “[We] did better, won state championship, came in second in state open by 0.1, and came in second at New England Regionals and scored our highest score ever.”

Finally,  Tatarzycki assured all those curious whether or not Danbury will compete in future championships that yes, “absolutely, we look forward to them, winter is championship season and we will definitely partake in that.”