The Final Stand Of Argentina: 2022 World Cup Final Review


Jacob Joy, Staff Writer

On Sunday the 18th, the world was in an uproar over Argentina’s win over France. Argentina was led to victory by legend Lionel Messi winning Argentina a third world cup, the first was won in 1978, when the team was captained by Daniel Passarella and 9 years later, in 1986 when the team was captained by Diego Maradona. The match tied 3-3 and went to penalty shootouts in which Argentina scored 4-2. In response to Argentina’s win, the stadium was engulfed in fireworks with players in tears from both sadness and joy. The game itself had lots of twists and turns especially after the second half when Kylian Mbappé scored and tied the game for France. Solomon Binu, an Argentina fan expressed the rollercoaster of emotions he was feeling throughout the game “I was sweating and I didn’t even move, like when Mbappé tied the score two to two I got nervous then Messi scored I was so happy then again Mbappé scored and I lost it” Binu explained that the unpredictability did not end after the game and only escalated during penalties. “ I felt like I was dying and when Argentina scored the winning penalty I started screaming. My brother and I ran all over the neighborhood chanting Messi”. All Argentina fans were either in shock or celebrating, especially those who were in Argentina. The streets of Buenos Aires were littered with people and as described by Yahoo Sports, “Millions of fans packed the streets of the South American capital city on what was declared a national holiday to follow the soccer team on its 50-mile victory parade”. Eventually, the streets got so crowded that the team had to take a helicopter through Argentina. The game was the topic of discussion for weeks and many are sad to wait another 4 years. Another soccer fan, Arjun Sunish, expressed that he wished it could have lasted longer. “ It went by so fast, and now I’ll have to wait till I’m a junior to see it again and I’m excited about the fact that it is going to take place in the US”. In 2026 the World cup will take place in the US, Canada, and Mexico leaving many soccer fans excited to see legends play right in front of them. Overall this World Cup was considered by fans to be one of the best ones so far and was a great way to end 2022.