Harry and Meghan: The True Royals


Zoë Newbold, Journalist

Harry and Meghan have always been the ‘It’ couple of the Royal Family. Throughout their service they have shown their ability to change outdated traditions and ideals of the Monarchy. Their royal experience was very public, which led to Netflix picking it up and creating a Docuseries on their love story and how they navigated royal life. The series follows Harry and Meghan throughout the start of their romantic relationship to the point where they left the royal family; it expresses the true story behind their absence and abandonment of the crown.

In the series, it is expressed that one of the reasons they came forward with their personal experiences was because of the events that happened to Diana, Prince Harry’s mother who passed away tragically during a car crash while being chased by paparazzi. Harry mentions in the series that the negative and racist feedback Meghan was experiencing was looking all too familiar, with what occurred with his mother in previous years.

Another show on Netflix called The Crown depicted Diana and Charles throughout their romantic relationship and gave us an insight into what Diana was feeling throughout her time in the Royal family. She was often depicted as depressed, struggling with eating disorders, and obviously witnessing Charles commit adultery. Princess Diana’s separation from Harry’s father and her life with other men was publicized, and those actions eventually led to her death. Although Diana didn’t witness racism in the media she experienced the same judgment and hate that Meghan experienced.

Meghan being half black, received blatant racism through British media. Multiple articles were published which exploit Meghans relationships with her family members, which led to her personal conversations with her family members being publicized. This did not only affect Meghan personally, but it also affected her relationships with her family. Her relationship with her father was manipulated and led to many in the press judging Meghan for where she was from, and her home-life. With the backlash on her and her father’s relationship it was decided that he would not be invited to her wedding. The British press tainted Meghan and Harry’s relationship, through tainting Meghan. Harry was adamant that he didn’t want history to repeat itself.

Diana and Meghan are compared a lot throughout the show, in the ways that the royal family was made aware of her mental health struggles and refused to contribute to her care and wellbeing. It was hinted in the show that at one point Meghan tried to commit suicide, which was the last straw in their contributes to their royal duties. Harry pleaded to the former Queen for a statement to be put out about Meghan, protecting her from the tainted words the press was conveying. But after the family refused to protect her, the couple swiftly retreated to California, where they stayed at Tyler Perry’s home for 6 weeks before the paparazzi found them.

This just shows that Meghan and Harry made the correct decision in leaving because even if the paparazzi were still present, the things being said in the press could be controlled and corrected, which I think is one of the reasons they came out with this information. For the safety of their children and for the wellbeing of their relationship and marriage. They try to tell their love story, but as the show progresses it’s tainted by the British press and their depictions of the couple. Moving away from the royal family and their duties made them stronger for their kids, and for their futures.