Finding Your Study Space


Maria Francisco, Staff Writer

A study space is a necessity to efficiently and comfortably study. As a student, school can be very stressful and challenging, especially when it comes to independently doing work outside of school. This is why a study space is so important. It is a place that allows you to be productive, focus, and study to your full potential.

Before I found my comfortable study space, I was always so stressed with schoolwork. Most of the time, I would make excuses, procrastinate, give up, and be mentally drained to the point that I would sometimes even cry. My self-esteem was plummeting, and I would always doubt my ability to progress in school. Although, after researching and observing the different ways individuals study and are consistently productive, I began to build and discover comfortable spaces for myself. After finding my study space, I began to like studying and would get work done faster with little to no stress and distractions.

All students can build their own space that allows their thoughts and ideas to flow smoothly to create more efficient, coherent, and structured work. 


Qualities to keep in mind when finding that study space:

  • Calm surroundings 
  • No distractions
  • Stress-free
  • Comfort
  • Pleasing/aesthetic display
  • Cleanness 
  • Sometimes having food or drinks available 


Possible study spaces:

  • Library
  • Local coffee shop
  • Home office
  • An outdoor space
  • Your own bedroom


My personal favorite spot to study is at Starbucks. Students can also decorate their room to become a space that feels like themselves and where they feel like they want to stay and be productive. 

Though there is only one significant way for your study spot, or your studying and productivity to actually be effective and have a result in your progress. This very important quality is that you must be determined, want to improve, and put in the effort.