Vivienne Westwood; Her Dream Lives on


Sophia Tharas and Zoe Newbold, Journalist

Vivienne Westwood the Mother of punk, the Queen of British fashion, and most of all, a dedicated protector of the environment. Vivienne was a woman who not only revolutionized the fashion world but the real world as well. Speaking up for those that couldn’t, and stirring attention where it was much needed onto eco logistical issues. She left behind the legacy that what we do impacts the future generations to come. Using her design talents to craft clothing to carry on the message of potentially saving our planet, during Vivienne’s interview for Vogue she claimed, “I just use my fashion as an excuse to say what I think about politically and culturally, but I do think that fashion does do something. I think my fashion gives you an incredible choice, it makes you look great and it helps you to express your individuality.” Vivienne Westwood’s infamous brand symbol, the orb which represented; “Taking from the past, from tradition, and bringing it forward through personal reinterpretation” (Westwood). She didn’t only design corsets to the waist, heels to tower over everyone surrounding you, or hike up hemlines but she also designed and created a dream. Her dream lives on through us all, it’s not what the world can do for us but what we can do for the world. Vivienne was the icon that everyone saw and loved, and her passing left a hole in the fashion community. Her style was iconic and easily recognizable. From her extravagant wedding gowns to her fine jewelry, she was adamant and consistent with her designs. Her iconic orb pearl necklace blew up on TikTok last year, which led to her creativity being shared with different types of people. Although her designs are widely known, she was always advocating for over-consumption. “What we do know is that clothing consumption is set to grow to 102 million tonnes by 2030 and carbon emissions will rise rapidly to reflect that. With an assumption that the industry makes up 4% of global emissions, fashion’s current growth trajectory misses the Paris Agreement commitment to limit global warming to below 2 degrees by 2030, by 50%. The industry needs to rapidly reduce emissions.”(Carbon emission and waste, Vivienne Westwood) Vivienne was always self aware of what she was creating, and making sure that her creations were not harmful to our world and adding to over consumption. “I want you to help me save the world, I can’t do it on my own.” (Westwood) Even with her passing her impact on the preservations of the world is prominent, and it forever will be. Rest in peace, legend.