Domestic Violence Awareness

Erza Ballata, Staff Writer

Now that the first semester of the 2023 school year is coming to an end, plenty of Capstone projects have been announced informing us about ongoing societal issues. One of the projects that caught my eye was one about domestic violence. There are Domestic Violence Awareness flyers all around the school on our bulletin boards spreading the message of Domestic Violence and encouraging individuals to speak up and reach out for help.

Domestic Violence is abuse that takes many forms like physical, emotional, mental, sexual, stalking, and harassment to gain power and control over someone like a partner or a family member. Domestic violence can sometimes look like being overly protective and extremely jealous, forcing someone to isolate themselves from their friends and family, and using intimidation tricks and manipulation tactics. In most situations, victims of domestic abuse will have a hard time leaving the harmful relationship for a couple of reasons like being afraid that if they leave their abuser will escalate their behavior and make matters worse. Other times victims would be blinded by “love” and believe that their abuser is showing them love by using abuse. That is why if you or a loved one is dealing with domestic violence you should get immediate help by calling 800-799-7233 or by going to a local Domestic Violence Crisis Center.