DHS Students Recommend: Books


Sophia Tharas, Journalist

The power of a good book is endless, it gives one the ability to think beyond the superficial. Not only are books entertaining but they benefit the brain, increase our knowledge, and expand our intellect; making us aware of civilization as well as the ideals of society. Books allow us to activate our critical thinking skills and improve our memory. Reading is able to implement daily enjoyment into readers’ lives on a greater scale than someone who does not read. Not only do books give us general knowledge, but they also leave us open to interpretation, influencing us to look beyond just one perspective. The more we read, the more our creative minds are able to develop. If you’re in pursuit for the next book to crack open, DHS students have many recommendations. Here’s a list of some of our favorites! One of my personal favorites is ‘Diary of an Oxygen Thief.” This book’s author is held anonymous which makes it even more interesting. Reading this book is like reading someone’s actual diary, his thoughts are honest and raw. The author goes through experiences that shape him as a person and by the end of the book we can clearly see his development. His entries are sporadic but that’s what makes it real. Along with being relatable in some aspects, the author is also deeply flawed, a trait that is rarely admitted by a protagonist of a story. This book is a great read. It’s a very realistic story in which we learn what we do to each other and what we allow ourselves to have done to us. There’s an ongoing cycle in life that we just can’t avoid. Student Zoe Newbold highly recommends “The Confidence of Wild Flowers” written by Micalea Smeltzer. At first look the book is expected to be a light hearted love story which is obviously presumed to end with a happy ending no matter the ups and downs that take place during the story. But it takes an unexpected turn, those expectations for a perfect love story soon go down the drain. Zoe confidently rates the book as a 10/10 read, while mentioning that it’s a mature and heavily detailed book. Student Beck Tate highly recommends “A Little Life” written by Hanya Yanagihara. This is to be read with caution because it takes on serious issues. To give a brief explanation of the book it follows the lives of four college students who live in New and crave success in their lives, college is the age where deciding what to do about your future. These four boys are faced with challenges that seem unstoppable. Each of them come from harsh backgrounds and can’t seem to shake off the scars from their past as they try to live their lives on. Beck rates the book a 9/10 and applauds its realistic description of real life issues. Lastly, DHS student Morgan Sorrentino recommends “Love and Other Words” written by Christina Lauren which follows the lives of a young girl and her father whilst on vacation in San Francisco, typically in a love story she meets the boy next store. Their relationship quickly escalated when realizing they have much in common, spending every summer together. As they grow into teenagers their relationship is strained and they quickly drift apart but fate is in their favor as the story escalates. Morgan rates this book a 10/10 her absolute favorite read. All these books are available at Barnes and Noble and highly recommended.