Teacher Feature: Mrs.Hanrahan


Lilly Calipa, Staff Writer

Mrs.Hanrahan, best known for her bubbly and jovial personality, is an English teacher here at Danbury High. She has had a teaching position at Danbury High School for ten years and graduated from here as well. She enjoyed English throughout high school which led her to receive an English education at Uconn. 

Mrs.Hanrahan always felt like she was meant to become a teacher. Teaching ran in her family and it was always something she was passionate about and interested in. To quote, “I owe my career to Tom Porcelli.” He was her favorite teacher in high school, so when it was time for her to student teach, he placed her with the “best English teacher ever.” After, she was lucky enough to take a long-term subbing position which eventually lead her to become the wonderful and inspirational teacher students know her to be. 

When asked what she loves most about teaching English she answered, “connecting with students and being able to watch them challenge themselves.” There is no doubt that Mrs. Hanrahan works her hardest to ensure that her students are getting the education they deserve. She is always persistent and consistent when checking up on students and will always share her encouraging remarks or words of advice. She fully believes that “English literature allows you to discover more about yourself and shapes your ideas and beliefs about the world and people around you.”

Many students can agree that there is never a dull moment when in Mrs.Hanrahan’s class. She was described as welcoming, forgiving, and comforting. Lucas Califano, one of her mentor flex students says, “she is the only teacher I can be personal with.” The relationships Mrs.Hanrahan has with her students are always genuine and secure. If you need anyone to talk to she is always the go-to person. “She genuinely wants the best thing for her students”, states Victoria Calderon, a 10th grader. 

Even though Mrs.Hanrahan had a different life planned, she always dreamed about being a photographer or journalist and traveling the world, she fell in love with her high school best friend early on and knew she wanted a family. Since then, she has been living a life full of friends, family, and a teaching experience she wouldn’t trade for anything.