Girls Lacrosse – Quick Overview


Lilly Calipa, Staff Writer

As the spring season is among us, the official lacrosse season starts for both boys and girls. Lacrosse is a team sport that is played with a stick and a lacrosse ball. It has recently become a popular sport in Connecticut. The high school lacrosse team is a great way to make friends and experience playing a sport at a fast paced level. It involves teamwork and personal endurance. Coach Spiridon and Coach Ruby help train the girls and mentor them through practices and games. Even though the season has just started, the Hatters have already won two of their games! Grace Mariano, a sophomore who plays on the team, is hoping for a “fun and successful season.” In the past, the Hatters have unfortunately been beat out by most teams in CT. Yesterday, the girls won their game 7-2. On Saturday, the team plays Foran at home. We are hoping for a great rest of the season, especially for the outstanding seniors.