10 Curly Hair Brands to Add to Your Curly Routine


Whether you’re just starting a curly hair routine or not, we all know curly hair can be an extensive and difficult care process. It can be stressful when your struggling with your curly hair and desire aspects like softness, curl definition, moisture/hydration, hair growth, frizz free, and more. Luckily, I’ll be introducing 10 curly hair brands with products that may have what you’ve been needing to attain your dream curls.


  1. Miss Jessie’s 

About: “By way of dealing with their customers’ everyday curly hair care needs they stumbled upon a problem: there were simply no products on the market that catered to their clientele’s hair type. “There wasn’t a lot to work with, and finally we realized that we wouldn’t get that perfect solution unless we created it ourselves.” Recognizing a valuable opportunity to provide for this niche market, Titi and Miko, inspired by their grandmother’s can-do attitude decided to perfect their own curly hair product creations and Miss Jessie’s products were born.”

Founder: Miko and Titi Branch

Started: 2004


  1. Shea Moisture 

About: SheaMoisture is the legacy of Sofi Tucker, a pioneering mother of four and entrepreneur, who sold Shea Butter, African Black Soap and homemade beauty preparations in Sierra Leone in 1912. We honor her vision by continuing to formulate with raw shea butter handcrafted by women in Africa. With every purchase, you show support of our mission to reinvest back in our communities.”

Founder: Richelieu Dennis 

Started: 1991


  • Rizos Curls 

About: “Growing up, I went through many phases with my curly hair. I hid it in a tight, gelled-down ponytail, wore it à la crunchy with extra hairspray, and even straightened with a clothes iron! As a little girl, I saved my money to buy every curl product I found – but nothing ever worked. While battling with my hair over the years, I told myself that one day I would create the very best product for curly-haired girls like me. I spent years creating the perfect formula. I wanted a product made with quality and natural ingredients that could celebrate all curl types, from my Tia’s coily strands to my sister’s loose waves. With Rizos Curls, I finally turned my dream into a reality.”

Founder: Julissa Prado

Started: 2017


  • DevaCurl

About: “Since we opened the doors to our first salon in NYC in 1994, we’ve been dedicated to one thing — curls! Whether perfecting a new technique or developing a breakthrough product, we are obsessed with bringing out the best in every curl type. We believe that you should rock curl confidence every day.”

Founder: Lorraine Massey and Denis DaSilva

Started: 1994


  • Ouai

About: “I get it. I am an overstimulated consumer myself. I’ve used every hair product on the market and spent years talking to my clients and social followers about their hair. I’ve struggled to find a haircare brand that my friends and I could relate to. It was my goal to take these conversations and create the first socially-connected haircare brand.”

Founder: Jen Atkin 

Started: 2016


  • CurlSmith

About: Curlsmith was born out of a community of people with textured hair sharing their haircare tips, home remedies and frustrations with products on the market not made specifically for their needs. Working with our curly community we created the Curlsmith brand with the mission of bringing curl confidence to everyone wanting to embrace their natural wavy, curly or coily hair.”

Founder: Michal Berski

Started: 2017


  • Curls

About: “Disenchanted with the lack of natural hair products with quality ingredients and dependability, Mahisha sought to create a new brand that resonates with women like her. Our CEO collaborated with leading cosmetic and wellness experts to develop CURLS. Our CEO’s desire was to create a remarkable, high quality, natural hair care line for an overlooked audience.”

Founder: Mahisha Dellinger

Started: 2002


  • Mielle 

About: Mielle was created by Monique Rodriguez, a registered nurse, wife and mother of two girls, who desired to share her healthy hair journey using products with healthy ingredients to achieve amazing results. She knew the importance of knowing what is in your products and wanted to create healthier options for the whole family. The result is a brand that delivers products that contain natural ingredients and are effective.”

Founder: Monique Rodriguez 

Started: 2014


  • Camille Rose 

About: “Created initially as a means of curing the eczema of her five young children which started on their skin and also resulted in severe dryness of their hair. In a matter of three short years the brand morphed into a multi-million dollar company with legions of fans, throngs of supporting retailers and groundbreaking partnerships that positioned the burgeoning brand as a certified leader in a space that was eager for what Camille Rose had to offer. The brand quickly became proof of what a sharp, business woman could accomplish when she devoted her time, energy and resources behind something she is passionate about.”

Founder: Janell Stephens 

Started: 2011


  • Bounce Curl

About: “My name is Merian & I am the Creator/Formulator of Bounce Curl Products. We are a woman-family owned, award winning brand that creates hair and skin products based on Modern Science & Nature’s ingredients. Our brand is built with purpose & representation really matters to us. That is why we created products for different hair types such as Wavy, Curly, & Coily Hair. Bounce Curl was Inspired by my ancestors’ traditional remedies from the Middle East & North Africa. We carefully select ingredients that can style, moisturize and hold your beautiful hair. Our products are made with Pure Love & our mission is to “Help You Embrace The Natural You!”

Founder: Merian Odesho

Started: 2015