Danbury Fair Canceled!


Jacob Joy, Staff Writer

As the summer begins, families of all ages waited for the Danbury Fair, but recently it was said that the carnival would be canceled this year. According to Danbury Fair Mall’s general manager, Maura Ruby, multiple parking and traffic logistics prohibit the mall from hosting the event this year. In an interview with NewsTimes, Ruby explained “We know the carnival was a beloved event, but we can’t do it this year.” The Danbury fair which has been going on since 1821, ending in 1981 so the grounds could be used to build the mall in 1986, has since come separately from the carnival only there from labor day weekend till mid-June. The Fair has become a tradition that has rooted itself into the lives of many; it is a part of Danbury history and an unofficial mark towards the beginning of the summer season. The reason for the fair to be canceled is that renovations are being made for Target which was announced earlier this year as well as according to NewsTimes, “ The two-level store will have a new entrance plaza and a redesigned parking lot.” The redesigning of the parking lot and adding two new restaurants recently created a lack of space for the carnival to take place.  News-Times also states that “Powers Great American Midways supplies the carnival attractions to the location. The company said this is their [only] location in Connecticut and is sorry they could not be in service due to the space.” The question is whether or not there will be space in the future as the structure of the mall has frequently changed in the year 2023 and will continue to do so as more and more stores are being built.  Many Danbury High Schoolers have strong opinions on the Danbury Fair being canceled Rachel Joy a fellow Danbury resident and student states “ The fair being canceled is just stupid and that’s the one fun thing that happens in Danbury; also it happens every year, if it gets canceled again I’m not gonna get used to not having a fair if it’s canceled forever.”  Hopefully, the fair is canceled just this year as the fair has become an ongoing tradition that has been embedded in the hearts of everyone in Danbury.  Sophomore Andrew George states, “ I’ve been going to the fair forever. I remember going with my family, going on rides with my siblings, and eating fried food. It is one of the many good memories I have.” The fair brought joy to all and is encased with memories, hopefully, it will come back to the city of Danbury in 2024.