Get Ready For Fall Sports!

Get Ready For Fall Sports!

Beck Tate, Journalist

Even though this school year is just coming to an end, it is never too early to start planning ahead for the next school year. One way you can do that is by getting yourself prepared for Fall sports.

In order to participate in any extra curricular physical activity at DHS, you need an athletic physical from your doctor. This, evidently, includes fall sports. In addition to getting your physical, you need to give a copy of your form to the DHS Nurse Office. If you’re trying out for football, you’ll need your physical submitted by August 1 (practices begin on August 10 for football). If you’re trying out for Boys Golf, you’ll need it submitted before August 14, or before August 24 if you’re interested in trying out for Boys/Girls Cross Country, Boys/Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Girls Swimming, or Field Hockey.

Starting in July, all athletes and parents can drop off athletic physicals in the DHS nurse’s office  anytime over the summer. And be sure to put the name of the sport you are planning to play on the top of your physical in big bold letters. Information on when teams will begin practice/tryouts will be sent out on Parents Square later in the month.

For anyone interested, Girls Volleyball could use more players. Though there is a limit to the amount of players on a team (16 for varsity and 12 for junior varsity if I’m not mistaken). Many of our star players are moving on to college, and we wish them well on their new adventures in the years to come. However, I personally love winning, and I think our school community does as well. Don’t be afraid to try something new if you’ve never played volleyball before, or any other fall, winter, or spring sport. School sports are an opportunity to get involved with your school and connect with other students, as well as stay active and have fun.

DHS encourages students to get involved with school activities; clubs, theater, etc. Just be sure to get your physical from the doctor if you’re interested in school sports.