Sonder Reality: Inspiration for Your Inbox

Sonder Reality: Inspiration for Your Inbox

Mario Fuentes, Staff Writer

Poetry here at Danbury High School is something that is not overlooked. DHS takes pride in poetry by offering classes, programs, and clubs that suit students’ interests alike. But one student has taken her love for poetry and English and turned it into something that everyone can enjoy and look forward to. Pearl Chia, a junior here at DHS, has used her passion for different forms of literary work and turned it into a weekly newsletter filled with poems, artwork, and much more. She calls it “Sonder Reality”.


Pearl keeps things very organized with Sonder Reality. She makes sure to send out newsletters to her devoted readers every Monday, each consisting of a theme that she changes every month. For the month of May, also the first month of the newsletter she stuck to “A Paradox of Time and Growth”. Every piece she put in the newsletter correlated to growing up and time passing. For the month of June, Pearl has changed the theme to “Lost in the Forest”. Focusing on nature in literature. A lot of thought goes into picking these themes as well. Pearl speaks about going through poetry databases and looking for “recurring themes” or themes that are seen all around us. This keeps things fresh and gives readers something to look forward to every month.


Pearl’s love for poetry is really shown in her newsletters. When speaking about the inspiration behind Sonder Reality she states “There is so much to poetry and it’s so much more than just learning about it in English classrooms” which is nothing but the truth. Poetry is something that is so fundamental to society and Pearl has made sure to highlight it. She even writes poetry herself which also inspired the creation of her newsletter. It is no secret that Sonder Reality is for poetry lovers alike.


While Sonder Reality is mainly a poetry newsletter there is so much more to it. Pearl makes sure to add various parts to her newsletter to make it a little more interesting. Each part correlates to the theme that is included. This could be different songs, pieces of artwork, writing inspiration, or various words that just make sense. Pearl does this to “get the reader’s mind going”. She wants fans of poetry and literature to be writing their own content and she gives the resources to do so. Pearl understands that creativity knows no bounds and aims to nurture and inspire aspiring poets through Sonder Reality


The front page of Sonder Reality sums up who Pearl is trying to reach. Sonder Reality is perfect “For the observers of the world with a soul for English and all things poetry and art”. With Sonder Reality, Pearl provides readers with the power of words and their ability to inspire, heal, and connect by opening the doors to a world of poetry and everything literature.


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