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Danbury High School     43 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, CT 06811     (203) 797-4800

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Danbury High School     43 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, CT 06811     (203) 797-4800

The Hatters' Herald

An inside look at the 2024 Peer Leadership Application


With the jumpstart of the second semester, Danbury High School students are beginning to look at courses for the following year. Peer Leadership is a senior-only honors class and fulfills a full-year business credit created for students interested in participating in improving their high school community. 

One of the many reasons this class is unique is that students must complete an application. The application process consists of a personal presentation, individual interviews, and group interviews. Last year, there were over 155 applicants, but only 55 students were accepted into the class. There are different motivations behind last year’s diverse pool of applicants. Seniors currently taking the class promote it for many reasons; senior Kendra Rodriguez said that she enjoys Peer Leadership because she “[gets] to run fun activities like fun flexes and fundraising events with different peers and friends in the class.”

In preparation for next year’s class, current Peer Leaders conducted informational sessions over the past month to get the word out to current juniors. During these sessions, seniors discussed the responsibilities and expectations of the class, along with the grading policy. The Peer Leadership application opened on January 31st and is due on February 12th at 2:00 PM. Applications submitted past the deadline will not be accepted. 

One of the application requirements is a personal slideshow. The slideshow gives students creative freedom to answer the four questions in a way they see fit. While some of the questions are more thought out, others really just bring out the students’ personalities. The “tell me a joke” question showcases the individual’s personality and highlights the class dynamic. Once the applicants turn in their slideshow, the Peer Leadership classes reflect on each individual presentation. As the class sorts through the slideshows, Peer Leaders take notes and vote on the overall presentation based on factors like: creativity, effort, timeliness, etc.

The next step of the application process is the individual interview. The individual interview is a sit-down conversation with an assigned current peer leader. Applicants will be assessed on their conversation skills and personalities, which can’t always be evaluated through a screen. The final step of the application process is the group interview. Peer Leadership is a class where collaboration is crucial. The group interview allows the applicants to demonstrate their skills to a group of people they may not know. They will be given numerous prompts and an opportunity to share their ideas. Applicants will be evaluated on their ability to advocate for their ideas and their reactions to the ideas of others.

Peer Leadership Honors is a fantastic way for seniors to meet new people and participate in community projects during their senior year. Good luck to all the applicants, and if you’re thinking about taking Peer Leadership, this is your sign!

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Avery Mikyska
Avery Mikyska, Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Avery Mikyska, and I am a senior at Danbury High School. With dreams of becoming a journalist, I decided to join the school newspaper. I am so excited for this year and cannot wait to share my story :)
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Abby Munoz, Staff Writer
Hey y'all! I am Abby Munoz and currently a senior here at DHS. Around the school I participate and many different clubs and sports.  I am a captain of the girls Cross Country team and I also run Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends and paddle boarding in the summer.

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