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Trisha Paytas & Royal Family: Reincarnation?

Queen Elizabeth & Trisha Paytas

People on social media are liking the birth of Trisha Paytas’s children with the demise of the royal family.

Some believe that Paytas children are the reincarnation of the royal family.

Trish Paytas is an American YouTuber, singer, and media personality. She is 35 years old and married to Israeli photographer Moses Harmon. They married in 2021.


What is the connection between the Paytas-Hacmon family and the Royal family?

The social media scandal started when Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, and Paytas’s first child Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon was born exactly six days later on September 14, 2022. As soon as the news of the birth circulated, people began making the connection between the date of Queen Elizabeth’s death and the date of Malibu Barbie’s birth. The media started saying that Malibu was the reincarnation of the queen. The theory was rapidly spread on social media. The conspiracy gained significant traction and, soon enough, many people joined in on the conspiracy; sharing their opinions on the topic through social media


The rumors only became more prevalent when Paytas announced her second pregnancy. 

On November 21, 2023, Paytas announced that she was expecting her second baby with her husband. Fast forward to February 5, 2024, Buckingham Palace made the startling announcement that King Charles III  had started treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer. Interestingly enough, there is a 76-day difference between these two announcements. Is it a coincidence? 


Are these jokes still funny?

Trish has asked her fans to stop making memes connecting her family to the king as he undergoes treatment. At first, she said: “ “I get the meme of it all. I was able to lean into the Queen Elizabeth one a little bit, but it also terrifies me that people believe in it enough,” but she has gotten tired of it all. Paytas has asked people to pay attention to their actions and to stop making jokes about serious situations. She stated that people are joking about real-life experiences and has called out those who thought that the king’s and her children’s health were mere internet entertainment. 


Trish Paytas by no means wishes the royal family any ill. She expressed that she has no animosity towards them and that she wishes King Charles well, and hopes that he “makes a speedy recovery.

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