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Danbury High School     43 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, CT 06811     (203) 797-4800

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Danbury High School     43 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, CT 06811     (203) 797-4800

The Hatters' Herald

Danbury High School     43 Clapboard Ridge Road Danbury, CT 06811     (203) 797-4800

The Hatters' Herald

2024 Senior assassin


Senior assassin is a high school tradition. It has recently become extremely popular amongst Gen Z. For those that don’t know, here’s how it works: 

The game is for seniors only

Players play in teams of two

It costs $20 per team to play

All money is split by the winning team

Targets are direct messaged on instagram (@DHSSeniorAssassin2024) each Sunday before the next round begins, completely randomized

You are only allowed normal water guns (no automatics, splatball, etc.)

To be eliminated, you have to be hit with water by your opponent’s water gun, on video

Players can wear (not hold) a pool floaty for immunity, but this only applies during even hours, 2:00, 4:00, and so on.

Targets are not allowed to be assassinated inside the school, during sports (games and practice), at place of work (for both the target and or opponent), and place of worship

Opponents are not allowed inside their targets house unless allowed

In order for you and your partner to advance to the next round, both targets must be eliminated In order to confirm elimination, there must be a clear video of proof

If one partner gets out, but both of your targets have been eliminated, both partners are allowed to advance to the next round 

DHS Senior Assassin began Monday, April 22nd with 108 teams!!


Monday, April 22nd: 

Aubrey and Maddie were eliminated 

Taylor took out Melissa 

Criss took out Marvin 

Sarah took out Ariis (and took their chipotle) 

Eriana took out Zach 

Jesse took out Aubrey 

Jack took out Maddie 

Norine took out Hetarth 

Kayla and Ashley took out Norine 

Amelia took out Josh 


Tuesday, April 23rd: 

Aidan took out Sarina (coming off the bus) 

Victor and Sarah took out Nicolle 

Thalha and Rob took out Taylor (walking into school at 7:04 am) 

Nicolle and Ariis were eliminated 

Jalen took out Kerly

Jayden took out Ethan

Haley (our own Hatters’ Herald writer) took out Daniel

Noah took out Peter

Brithany took out Katy

Bryan and Xavier took out Maria

Ella got out Bri

Zach and Bri are eliminated 

Anelle and Kaitlyn took out Jayden

Zefania took out Deanna and Gigi (at the same time)

Deanna and Gigi are eliminated 

Cam took out Ashley and Vivian (at the same time)

Vivian and Ashley are eliminated 


Wednesday, April 24th:

Nas took out Lesly

Lesly and Marvin are eliminated 

Evan took out Miriam

Patrick takes out Haley and Avery

Haley and Avery are eliminated 

Camila takes out Patrick and Daniel

Aalyiah took out Savannah

Kevin took out Jhoanna

Tylyn took out Alisha

Peter took out Jose

Justin eliminated Tyler and Dylan

Tyler and Dylan are eliminated 

Nae and Zahara took out Danny and Thiago

Danny and Thiago are eliminated 

Lena took out Kevin

Christian took out Isaiah

Celina took out Tejas

Kevin took out Lena

Lesly took out Matt (his floaty was deflated)

Ella tok out Shazia

Aralyn took out Shae


Thursday, April 25th:

Jessica took out Gillian

Luke took out Devon

Maira took out Reilly

Luke took out Manny (at exactly 1:00 as he was looking for his targets)

Manny and Devon are eliminated 

Evan took out Madesha

Aislynn took out Jonnathan (with his parents permission to enter the house)

KJ took out Amy

Pat took out Christian

Maddie and Catherine are eliminated for leaving the state 

Anna took out Amelia

Chris took out Jonas

Kevyn took out Chris

Travor took out Jqwan and Dyryn

Jqwan and Dyryn are eliminated 

Ella took out Bryan

Jalen took out Leslie

Kerly and Leslie are eliminated 

Daisy took out Jo

Manny took out Liam (Before Manny was eliminated)

Will and Matthew took out Daisy (right after she took out Jo)


Friday, April 26th:

Michael took out Kaitlyn

Ionnais took out Joe (or did he)

Emily took out Ana

Fran and Aisha took out Charlie

Brithany and Alex took out Aaliyah

Aaliyah and Katy are eliminated 

Xavier took out Angel

Angel and Maria are eliminated 

Dom took out Jacob

Kevin took out Josephl

Peter and Wesley took out Jesus

Jessica and Julia took out Maya

Josh took out Nathalia

Erin took out Aaliyah

Gabby took out Aralyn

Aralyn and Melissa are eliminated 

KJ and Julian took out Pearl and Amy

Pearl and Amy are eliminated 

Hannah took out Rylee and and Lauren (at a concert)

Rylee and Lauren are eliminated 

Sam took out Marlon

Jorge took out Anderson


Saturday, April 27th:

Erin took out Kaylie

Mya took out Erin

Lauren and Hans took out Cate

Chris took out Jorge

Marlon and Gregorio took out Jara and Lia

Jara and Lia are eliminated 

Yandiel took out Victor

Estefani took out Jarol

Jarol and Jo are eliminated 


Round 2 Begins. 31 teams remain

Monday April 29th:

Victor took out Hannah

Ella too out Peter

Jessie took out Norine

Nasir too out Luke (Matt…you dropped your pants)


Tuesday, April 30th:

Jesse took out Aislynn

Aislynn and Norine are eliminated 


Wednesday, May 1st:

Matt took out Sarah (She twisted her ankle and pulled her hip)

Sarina took out Bryan

Dom took out Marlon


Thursday, May 2nd:

Mya took out Val

Jayden took out Julia

Criss and Nas took out Matt

Luke and Matt are eliminated 

Wesley and Peter took out Trevor


Friday, May 3rd:

Jayden took out Jessica

Jessica and Julia are eliminated 

KJ took out Ella

Camila and Mia took out Estfani and Daisy

Estfani and Daisy are eliminated 

KJ took out Daniel

Daniel and Ella are eliminated 

Yandiel took out KJ

Josh took out Dom


Saturday, May 4th:

Alex took out Patrick

Eriana took out Wesley (An expensive elimination)

Alex took out Josh

Victor took out Cate

Cate and Hannah are eliminated 

Gregorio took out Mya and Maira (minutes before round 2…and a payout)


Round 3 begins. 9 team remain

Victor took out Ella

Jack took out Camila and Mia

Camila and Mia are eliminated 

Criss took out Alex

Nas took out Brithany

Brithany and Alex are eliminated 

Eriana took out Julian

Eriana took out KJ

Julian and KJ are eliminated 

Victor took out Eriana (with just two hours left)


Round 4 begins, just 3 teams are left

Nas and Criss took out Victor and Sarah

Victor and Sarah are eliminated 

Now Jack and Jesse have to eliminate Nas and Criss or they will win.


Finally after 4 rounds Nas and Criss take the win!!











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