2017-18 BOG and Class officers


Maria Fongari

From left are next year’s BOG officers: Monique Delima, Samantha Mortara, Cami Slingerland, Luana Barcelos.

Katie Walsh and Naomi Thomas

The elections for next year’s Board of Governors and class officers are completed. (The incoming Freshman Class of 2021 will elect its officers at the beginning of the new school year). Here are the results:

Board Of Governors

The Board of Governors is the leaders of the whole student body

President – Monique DeLima

Vice President – Samantha Mortara

Treasurer- Luana Barcelos

Secretary – Cameron Slingerland


Seniors: Class of 2018

President – Naomi Thomas

Vice President – Cristina Britton

Treasurer – Emily Grenier

Secretary – Kiely Drake


Juniors: Class of 2019

President – Lucio Bellantoni

Vice President – Megan Cabuyaban

Treasurer – Barkha Bhavsar

Secretary – Dean Waterbury



Sophomores: Class of 2020

President – Liam Dineen-Herzog

Vice President – Jessica Queiroz

Treasurer – Sarah Johnson

Secretary – Roshni Vasudevan