‘Disney’s High School Musical’ takes to the DHS stage

Play opens Thursday, runs through Saturday


Shannon Ahearn

The annual music is now playing in the DHS auditorium, through Saturday night.

Sabine Dempster, Staff Writer

Disney’s High School Musical: On Stage is setting into motion as the cast and crew is ready to jump into action this week. This group has spent a long six months preparing for the opening show Thursday, March 22.

This will be DHS production’s first time bringing High School Musical: On Stage to life. Director Michael Burnett said, “I picked this specifically this year because it is just pure fun.” He noted that, “With the stage version you get to feel the energy right in front of you.”

Burnett elaborated on his decision: “I think with everything going on right now it is really important for people to be allowed the opportunity to just come and spend two hours having a good time and forgetting about all the stuff in their outside lives.”

Senior Sarah Porto, who plays Taylor Mckessie, said, “This show is a culmination of months of work. The combination of our energy and dedication makes me very excited for the audience’s reaction. I look most forward to seeing the smiles we can put on people’s faces.”


This year, the cast and crew faced a huge challenge with the amount of snow Danbury was hit with. Junior Gabby D’Ostilio, who plays Kelsi Neilson, said one of the biggest challenges has been the lack of rehearsal time.

“The snow days really challenged us to work 10 times as hard with the limited time we had,” she said, “and it definitely paid off.”

The cast also admits that taking on such a well-known musical presented its challenges. Junior Vincent Miyazato, who stars as Troy Bolton, said,  “The main thing was teaching people different versions of songs they already know.”

But Miyazato assures that this performance will blow audiences away, specifically one of the group numbers. “I am most excited for the audience to see ‘Status Quo.’ I think it’s going to be a real show stopper.”

Freshman Erik Wallin, who plays Ryan Evans, is sure that the audience will love this upbeat musical and added, “I think that the audience will most enjoy the big full-cast numbers. The choreography is top-notch and it’s really interesting to watch.”

D’Ostilio stated, “Parents and students alike will be able to recognize the characters and songs, and they’ll want to get out of their seats and dance along.”

The cast is excited to share this production with the public. Senior Eliana Russotti, who is taking on the role of Mrs. Darbus, said, “I’m absolutely looking forward to see everyone in the audience have a great time. We worked so hard, and High School Musical is such a classic. I know people of all ages will enjoy it.”

Junior Ben Pereira, who plays Chad Danforth exclaimed, “I am most looking forward to being able to show off this product that we’ve worked so hard on.”

Beyond all the excitement, the students who are a part of this production are ready to pour their hearts into all of their performances. Senior Hannah Pucci, playing Sharpay Evans, said, “We go out there every night with our hearts, and I know that it will be what gets our audience to love the show.”

For some students, getting the chance to perform on The DHS  stage is something they’ve always looked forward to. Senior Alex Fernandez, mentioned that, “Theater has always been an interest of mine since I was in the third grade and saw DHS productions putting on an amazing show. Theater brings people together and overall gives off positive vibes to those participating and seeing it.”

The cast is ready for an audience and cannot wait to perform over the course of the next three days. For the first time, a Saturday matinee has been added to the DHS Production. As D’Ostilio joyfully said, “The cast and crew have worked extremely hard to put this show together, and we’d love for you to come out and support us.”