2020 Senior prom goes virtual

DHS Students dress up for what would have been their 2020 Senior prom and instead, celebrate at home.

Students pose for their at-home 2020 senior prom.

Abigail Craig, Co Editor-In-Chief

With the high school prom season officially coming and going and DHS, along with countless other schools around the country, now closed for the rest of the school year due to COVID-19, there is only so much that the school can do.

Unfortunately, Juniors and Seniors were unable to attend arguably the biggest event of the school year. However, DHS refused to take this special night away from students. 

The school’s Board of Governors posted a flyer on their Twitter account announcing that there will be a virtual Senior prom and asked that seniors submit pictures of themselves dressed up for the “Roaring 20’s/Masquerade Ball”.

With these submissions, the BOG has created a video compilation of the DHS students ready for their 2020 prom.