Rivers wins Senior Assassin


Winning team, Derek Rivers (left) and Reiley Perreault (right) Courtesy of @dhsseniorassassin2021 on Instagram

Ben Laham, Staff Writer

This year has been an extreme ordeal for the entirety of high school students; however, it has by far taken the largest toll on the senior class of 2021. They were sent home before the end of their junior year and had to conduct most of what was supposed to be their most enjoyable year of their high school career from their homes on an online call. 

However, all is not lost for the class of 2021; at DHS, both the students and their advisors/other faculty have been making many attempts to provide the seniors with opportunities to have somewhat of a normal end to their final year of high school, such as having an altered prom, a Six Flags trip, and the Adopt a Senior Program. However, all of these are managed by the faculty, which implement wide arrays of rules and regulations; this is precisely the reason for the students’ implementation of the Senior Assassin event, where participating seniors divide into teams of 2 and hunt other teams down with water guns in order to become the victor. 

“It was definitely a challenge keeping track of over 100 kids but it was worth it so the people who decided to play could have a good experience in their senior year,” Nick Attina, creator of the event stated. The event had a huge turnout, starting on April 26th, where over 100 students organized into pairs began this manhunt-esc game that took place all over Danbury, using water guns to eliminate other players. The highly intense game went on for quite a while, finally ending on May 18th, declaring Derek Rivers the champion. 

“The game was extremely fun, competitive, and unique. I essentially had to change the way I lived my day to day life for 3 weeks. I wasn’t able to trust people and I was in a constant state of paranoia. Although it sounds like it’s miserable, it was actually one of the most exciting parts of my senior year. I’m glad that we got to play this game because it really lightened up the arguably worst senior year possible,” Rivers, champion of the event, stated. 

This has been an extremely tough year for all Americans and individuals worldwide, including and especially the student bodies. It is in times like these that we must appreciate the quick thinking and generosity of our teachers and faculty members, along with many of our peers, to provide ways to help us through. This event was just one of many instances where a few individuals took charge to help a large group of students. 

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