School Store, ‘Hatters Hotspot,’ is back


Kirsten Tuz

A preview of the contents of the school store

Albert Jacob and Jacob Joy

After more than a year of isolation and quarantine, school has begun once again, to the contentment of most faculty and students. Its reopening has sprung the school’s usual variety of clubs and opportunities for students. For instance, the school store, which announced its official reopening on Nov. 8, with qualities not implemented in previous years. 

 The school store is going through a brand update to catch up with the new mascot made just a few years prior. Along with this, they have renamed the store, having students across the school vote for their favorite label, which resulted in the new title ‘Hatters Hotspot.’ The store itself will be updated throughout the year with new apparel, accessories, layouts, and displays. 

The store has taught “fundamentals of operating a business, inventory ordering and management, financial reporting and accounting, advertising, marketing, and so much more” said Kirsten Tuz, the club’s advisor. Students have been invested in promoting their school spirit along with learning some marketing fundamentals along the way. 

To follow the store for updates on its contents, preorders, or contests, follow their page on Instagram – @dhshattersstore or Twitter – @hattersstore. If you are interested in physically going to the store, it is located at the front of the school in the first hallway in C341. Along with this, if you are interested in joining the store and its opportunities, you must have the prerequisite of Marketing 1 or NVCC Principles of Marketing, but can also join the school’s DECA program.