Top 10 Holiday Films

Jessmarie Delgado Lopez, Staff Writer

Here we have the top 10 Holiday Films that I believe deserve to be mentioned and watched. 

If you find one that you believe definitely deserved to be on the list, or if you agree with what was listed here, let us know! 


Top 10 Holiday Films: 

  1. Christmas Chronicles 

  2. Klaus

  3. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (old film) 

  4. Polar Express

  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

  6. Nightmare before Christmas 

  7. Home Alone 

  8. Elf 

  9. The Santa Clause 

  10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 



  1. Siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce set out to find Santa and end up doing more than just finding him. Santa’s sleigh wrecks while they enter it in the air. Santa with a comedic twist has powers and uses the kids to help him bring back the Christmas spirit and spread presents throughout the world. Saint Nick, filled with a not so jolly personality joins forces with the kids in order to make this happen. It mixes fantasy with real life consequences such as getting into jail, problems with authorities, and wrecking’s of cars and nature.

  2. Klaus is a Netflix film which also gives a twist to the original Santa plot. A selfish and spoiled rich man is the worst at the postal academy. He is sent out to the most unknown and coldest place in the world by his father in hopes of him completing a certain goal of letters by the end of the year. In a place where letters are not known but feud, violence, and murders are at an all time high, this will be difficult. TIll he meets Klaus, a big man who lives in the woods who has a passion for making wooden toys. This unlikely friendship is developed over time and creates a strong bond between not only the town but with the country itself. 

  3. The old film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a complete classic. It shows the story of Rudolph in the form of stop motion pictures and props. Rudolph the outcast reindeer runs away and finds a snowman along with other misfit toys. His thoughts moved to getting Santa and convincing him to help with delivering toys when he gets the bright idea. 

  4. The Polar Express is about a boy who becomes skeptical of the existence of Santa Claus. Because of lack of sleep the boy was able to witness the Polar Express train outside of the street which goes to the north pole. The boy jumps on and meets other children who have the same feelings. After one of the children loses her ticket and brings a suspenseful scene where a man threatens to push her off the train, they find the ticket and come back together to speak about Santa. While going through many other obstacles, the train ends up at the north pole where they meet Santa! It’s definitely a movie that is comforting and meant to be watched with families and friends.

  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas tells the tale of the Grinch, who was bullied when young and has always been different then the rest of the Who’s. When a little girl becomes curious of the Grinch, she goes to the top of the mountain to see if she can find him and promotes him to come down. This starts off the film where the Grinch comes down and wrecks Christmas for all of the people in town. After meeting Cindy Lou Who, this brings an obstacle for the Grinch in his evil intent. The movie shows the process and storyline of the Grinch and how he was this person of anger and selfishness, and became this person who belongs and does things from his heart. 

  6. Though this movie can also be under Halloween, the Nightmare Before Christmas is about Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, who becomes bored of being in the scenery on mischief and deceit. When he accidentally finds Christmas town, he tries to implement the kind heartedness and colorful ways into Halloween town. He feels energetic and more alive in Christmas town and finds it better than his original intent. He kidnaps Santa Claus and takes over. But Jack realizes that this plan can go wrong and understands that there needs to be a balance between the two and builds respect for the holidays.

  7. An eight year old kid named Kevin McCallister is left home alone by accident while his parents are out on a trip to Paris. In this classic, he wakes up to find that two con men are trying to break in and enter the house. McCallister plots different traps and strategies to make the men turn away from the house as he now feels he needs to protect the home. 

  8. In the film Elf, Buddy is a human who was adopted by the elves after ending up in Santa’s present sack. He was raised into adulthood with the elf’s to the point where he believes we were one. After finding out he is human, they show him his father and tell him he is in New York. After feeling like he doesn’t belong, he travels to New York in search of his father. Walter Hobbes is a businessman who is on the naughty list for a reason, as he is selfish and disrespectful to others. After a DNA test, they try to start a relationship. This ends up in a chaotic result filled with many obstacles and challenges. 

  9. The Santa Clause is about a divorced father by the name of Scott, who has custody of his son. After accidentally killing a man in a Santa suit, he is moved to the North Pole to be named the new Santa Claus. After several months pass where he transforms into Santa with the weight, hair, and cravings of cookies and milk. Scott is now the new Santa. Will he be a good one? 

  10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a movie in which Clark Griswold wants to deliver the perfect family Christmas. As he stresses to make the perfect day with his wife Ellen and his children, his cousin Eddie with his family comes unannounced and lives in their camper on the Griswold property. More unplanned events happen when his holiday bonus gets taken away. The day planned takes a turn. 


Personal Opinion:


  1. Christmas Chronicles is a classic, where it’s a spin on the typical Santa story. It has many parts to it and is a great family film with adventure, comedy, and suspense. 

  2. Klaus is such an amazing animated movie. It brings such a comedic twist to the Santa plot. Not only this it gives a good message to others on finding the big picture and getting your head out of the little bubble you might have originally. Santa is seen as a fit, big dude, who wants a family and no elf’s are involved. It’s a great movie that can be watched on Netflix. 

  3. It tugs at the heart strings as it hooks you in on Rudolph’s life connected with the atmosphere. It’s very nostalgic and is a great film for families. The movie was made in 1964 and is filled with joy and lessons. I have a soft spot for older films, especially animated ones. 

  4. Polar Express is a cute movie that is mostly known worldwide. It has top ratings and is described as one of the best Christmas films made. The animation style is unique and the meaning and child-like curiosity is spread throughout which makes it the perfect film to watch on cold winter nights. 

  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my absolute favorite movie. Just the unique concept with its input of mischief and comedy is perfect. The story, life, and development of the characters is also great to see and learn from. Jim Carrey is also a great actor which made it better. 

  6. Nightmare Before Christmas is also another one of my absolute favorites. Since young I’ve loved this movie and the concept that comes with it. The mix between Halloween and Christmas was a great twist. I like animated movies like these which bring aspects of weird themes and dark beginnings. I loved seeing the character development in this one as well and seeing the change of heart, which shows that one can improve and do good for others. 

  7. Home Alone is just a classic. All the movies are funny and entertaining to see. Definitely a family film, and shows ways of trapping a robber that one might not have thought of, which I believe is what kept everyone on their toes while watching. 

  8. Elf is also a classic. From the storyline to the comedic aspect of it. Having a buddy that is innocent minded causes him to make… interesting choices when coming to the real world for the first time. Motherless it’s a heartwarming story, especially once the family gets close with one another. Overall it’s just entertaining to watch. 

  9. The Santa Clause is an amazing movie series. The shocking aspect of having a man in a red suit get killed by falling off of a roof in the start of the movie transitioning into the story where Scott has to now fill in the shoes of Santa Claus is both eye catching and unique. 

  10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a slightly more relatable movie where the father wants to make Christmas day perfect for his family, yet gets it ruined by others. Having the cousin out of all people to come in and stay with them for Christmas is what makes it funny to me. It’s a 1990’s film but it’s definitely a film most can remember. Also more of a family film and it has that old film comedy where the characters are always running into problems. Definitely someone you might get second hand embarrassment from, but nonetheless a good film.