Winter Has Come : The Start of Danbury’s Winter Season


Jacob Joy and Maria Francisco


Wrestling starts November 28 and will last up until March 4. Wrestling is a highly competitive sport that requires a significant amount of effort. This year Coach Mike Silvestri takes the lead, with him Captain Dominic Iaquinto and Jhonnyel Rameriez. Dominic Iaquinto told the Hatter’s Herald that they are looking for “guys who are driven, love the sport, and give it their all every day. To be a great wrestler you must be a student of the sport. We want the guys who give their best and leave it out on the mat every day they practice or compete. Our team needs guys who are there to push each other to new limits they’ve never experienced every day. We are also looking for the guys who do their jobs, especially in dual meets and tournaments, racking up bonus points for the team score.” This is the 34th year that Danbury, the wrestling team has held the FCIAC Championship title. “We are handed the legacy of hatters wrestling and though we have a new coach, we have the same championship goals to achieve” as stated by Jhonnyel Rameriez. Those who want to get into the sport of wrestling, must “be prepared for a challenge. Wrestling is a sport that tests you mentally and physically. Guys need to get in shape, cut weight, be religious to a strict diet, practice every day, lift and run on a regular basis, and be willing to do the extra work and the little things that separate the good from the great. It’s all discipline.” said Captain Dominic Iaquinto. All of this is crucial to wrestling because wrestlers are required to listen, follow instructions, and constantly be in shape to make weight when asked. Jake Le Blanc, a freshman on the team this year, said “ I wanted to wrestle because I heard that the environment is really good and I have been doing fighting sports since I was young so I thought this would be a fun addition.” You don’t need to be fully experienced to join either, new wrestlers play on JV and gain experience. However, that does not mean just anyone can join, they must possess certain qualities like determination and “must be gritty individuals that are willing to work hard and push the extra mile when it counts for their team” explained Jhonnyel Rameriez. If you think you have what it takes to be a wrestler, the first practice is on November 28 at 4.30 in G gym.

Indoor track:

If you want to participate in indoor track, Kayla Taylor, a senior in girl’s indoor track runner, states that you should keep in mind that “in order to be prepared for indoor track, it’s good to know that there are so many options for all people of different athletic abilities. There’s a space for people with speed, and people with endurance. It is also rewarding no matter what event you do.” Coach Murray, the boy’s indoor track coach, says that students wanting to try out need to be prepared to be able to sprint, run, jump, and lift.” Kayla Taylor adds on to say that “students wanting to try out need to be prepared for the fact that it may be difficult. The track is a difficult sport. But if you work hard, then it is very rewarding. You can also find out about things you never knew you could do before which is good” but also “the hardest thing in trying out would be motivated to keep going. Tryouts can be mentally frustrating, especially if you don’t get into the event you hope to get in.” Taylor goes on to say that “one of the most important qualities a track athlete needs, as stated by our coach many times, is grit. It’s important to have drive in this sport. Although this is a team, one personal performance matters most.” If you are prepared and determined for the indoor track then make sure to go to conditioning and tryouts. Conditioning for both girl’s and boy’s indoor tracks started at 2:30 on November 28th in the Old Gym.
Tryouts will be held at the same time and same gym but on Thursday, December 1st.


Hockey starts on November 28 and ends on March 21. Hockey is a great sport for those who enjoy sports on ice. According to Coach Kurjiaka “Hockey is a physically fast-paced sport, so they should come to the first practice in as close to game shape as possible. The high school seasons are very short, so time is very limited for playing catch up to get in shape. High school coaches… try to develop their players to understand a greater on-ice vision, which leads to a more offensive or defensive style of play depending on the players each team has that upcoming year.”
Hockey indeed is a physical fast-paced sport, it also requires a lot of effort and players must be able to balance school work and hockey like any other sport. For hockey especially, “players give their heart and soul to the sport. These players enjoy the game as well as the friendship and the long-lasting bond of friends that they will develop from playing sports at the High School level. Some players may not be the most athletic, but they bring to the team their passion and drive to get better which in turn affects all the players on the team…” said Coach Kurjiaka. One may not need to be the strongest or the most athletic to play, as long as you have heart and enjoy the game you will do fine. “[A] player also needs to be coachable or allow him or her to listen to the coaches and make changes in the way they play to become better and stronger. I am also a believer in keeping fun in the game, so the players still need to realize it’s a game and should be fun and enjoyable, for some reason when players lose this feeling, they stop playing the game” stated Coach Kurjiaka. Players need to have fun while also being able to follow instructions given to them, those who are determined and have the right mindset, and be able to listen are what Hockey requires. If interested in joining the season runs November 28th through March 21st. Contact Head Coach Andy Kurjiaka at [email protected] with any questions.

Boys Basketball:

Boy’s basketball conditioning started on Monday, November 14th but if you are still considering joining, tryouts are on December 1st at 5 pm main gym. If you plan on joining the boy’s basketball team Coach Boak states that the basketball players “have to be prepared to listen and learn” and Nez Perkins, a junior boy’s basketball player, adds on to say that players should “come ready to play and have fun and just do [their] best.” Every team has different goals, required qualities, and things they are looking for. According to Coach Bock, his boy’s basketball team “is looking for players that are going to play hard, smart, and together. We want players that are skilled basketball players, but they have to buy into a team system. We want someone that always gives 100%, has a good basketball IQ and is a good teammate. We also are looking for players that will represent their school and community in a positive way.” Coach Bock adds on to say that qualities he also looks for in players are the mental standard of “being disciplined and focused, having the mental toughness to push through when tired or something goes wrong. Being enthusiastic about playing basketball and being on a team,” and physical traits of “having the strength and stamina to compete at a high level. Also having a basketball skill set that will help a team.”If you are physically and mentally prepared for the challenges you may endure in basketball but also ready to have fun and be a part of a team, then make sure you try out for boys’ basketball on December 1st at 5 pm in the main gym.

*For Winter sports Family Id and Physicals are required if not participation is not allowed.