Analysis of the March Madness Final Four


Mario Fuentes, Staff Writer

March Madness this year has shown nothing but greatness as it does every year. The NCAA tournament does not fall short in entertaining viewers nationwide with its powerhouse teams and incredible underdog stories. Here are the final eight teams still in it to win it for the NCAA Mens Basketball Championship.


UCONN: Our UCONN team has been dominating this year. Beating the likes of Gonzaga, Arkansas, and Saint Marys. Beating all of them by surprising margins. Even Gonzaga who is seeded above them. All the parlays are looking towards UCONN to win the whole tournament. Unsurprisingly, so many are rooting for UCONN, especially here in their home state.


U of Miami: The Hurricanes have truly impressed the likes of many. This is their second time being in the Elite Eight in two years. Beating number one-seeded Houston, four-seeded Indiana, and Drake University is an accomplishment not done by many. Especially as a 9th-seeded team. Miami is here to win it all.


FAU: FAU is this year’s bracket busters. They are another example of Florida absolutely killing it in college basketball. The Owls have beaten a three and four seed this year with the likes of Kansas and Tenessee. All while being a ninth-seeded team. They are another surprise that leads to this being the first March Madness with no number-one-seeded teams. FAU are looking to stun the nation.


SDSU: While being the only team here from the west coast, SDSU has shown nothing but excellence. They are one of three teams making a statement in their area by having their first Final Four appearance. Beating the likes of Alabama, the number one-seeded team in the whole tournament. SDSU is out for more and they can’t wait to show it. SDSU can bring the national championship to the west coast.


Here are the 2023 Final Four games that will be played in Houston, Texas:


(9) FAU vs.(5) San Diego St. April 1st at 6:09 pm

(5) Miami vs. (4) UConn April 1st at 7:49 pm