Mr Staffieri Working Experience at DHS!


Erza Ballata, writer

Mr. Staffieri is a kind and outgoing instructor. He is always there for his students, ready to help them with everything they need whether it be direction, motivation, and morale with their schoolwork. He strives to raise student spirits by telling jokes, giving us treats, and making class fun. But outside of school, Mr. S enjoys exercising, playing video games, and occasionally playing chess in his spare time away from school. He also shared that he also likes to go for walks outside to clear his head and get his mind off of things. 


From the age of 5 to 25, Mr. S aspired to be a police officer before becoming a teacher. Over time, he realized that his attitude didn’t lend itself to becoming a police officer and decided that teaching would be a better fit. Because of his grandfather, he was inspired to become a social studies teacher. While Mr. Staffieri was growing up, his grandfather, who was in the air force, would constantly share stories, experiences, and historical knowledge with his grandson.  


Mr. S. adores teaching, especially teaching high school students. He appreciates the students and coworkers he is surrounded by, the fact that nothing is routine or repetitive, and that each day and each year are fresh starts. Mr. S states that he finds teaching high school students to be more enjoyable and that he can relate to them better since we are so much older and practically adults. Since he treats his students and colleagues with the utmost respect, he can set an excellent example for students on how to be a person in the world. He also appreciates being able to relate to his students and participate in our generation’s jokes and lingo. Before working at DHS, he worked at a therapeutic education center, mainly working with trans students for a year, many of whom were emotionally disturbed, had a learning disability, or had mental health issues. He worked hard and enjoyed helping students but finally, Mr. Staffieri joined the DHS community on January 10th, 2022, becoming a certified teacher, and making our school a better place.