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Taylor Swift wrestles with women’s invalidation


When girls are little, they play with dolls; and boys play with action figures. When women cook in the kitchen, they use utensils; when men cook on the grill, they use tools.

Ever since birth, women and men have been separated. Traditionally, growing up, girls and boys are practically trained to be a part of the patriarchy. Boys learn how to mow the lawn, while girls stay inside and clean the bathroom.

Women’s invalidation is inevitable. Men watch football every weekend. Sundays are made for watching football. They gather with their friends and sit on the couch, eating food and screaming at the TV when they score or fumble. They talk with their friends about their favorite teams and players, and they bet money on their fantasy football teams.

When a woman wants to go to the movies, sing, and dance to her favorite artist, she is suddenly being obsessive and annoying.

Men and women are unable to coexist in this world. They cannot accept and see each other for their own interests and way of living. Women are constantly degraded for simply living their lives. Anything a woman does can and will be perceived as unnecessary, annoying, rude, etc. Taylor Swift once said, “I’m so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man.”

Though sexism is inevitable, there are many ways that women are working through these misogynistic issues. Taylor Swift is a great example of this. She is an inspiration to many women of all ages; whether they are six or 60 years old, they know that “If a man talks s*** then I owe him nothing.”

Taylor has struggled with stereotypical rumors being constantly spread about her. She has faced slut shaming, false allegations, sexual assault, and more. There is never a time when a man isn’t saying something along the lines of “Taylor Swift sucks, she’s only famous because of Kanye West.” This is just another typical example of her being belittled for her talent and success in the industry.

Being a successful woman in 2023 is something that a lot of people can’t accept. Though this is the sad reality, it is the truth. Luckily, with strong female influences like Taylor Swift in the world, constantly breaking records and exceeding standards, the future for women looks very bright.

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Haley Merrill, Staff Writer
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    IsabellaNov 1, 2023 at 10:45 pm

    This is such an important issue and this article outlines the importance that leaves a great effect on the reader. I loved reading this and could deeply relate. Very impactful writing 🙂